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The Love Canada Feels For Kevin J. Johnston Is Powerful, Moving and Amazing! Part 1

The far-left hate groups in Canada and The United States began another series of attacks on Kevin J. Johnston. They were attacks on his skin colour, Christian beliefs, conservative life-style and even his son who passed away. The left knows only hate, the rest of Canada knows only love!

Here is PART 1 of what Canadians and people around the world had to say about the next Mayor of Calgary, Kevin J. Johnston (They are exactly as they appear on Facebook):

You are a wonderful man fighting for our rights and freedoms from all the other corrupt politicians, Canada needs more just like you !!!

Your just fantastic you have educated us and the information out there I love watching you united we stand!

Kevin I Johnson you are absolutely brilliant, a strong voice for humanity, you have compassion for shining the light where there is no light for some, you are helpful and are willing to go out of your way to help each and everyone, you are transparent and honest, I truly love your zest for living an energetic life, keep up the great work you do, hats off to you Kevin

I see Kevin as a voice for the little guy. Kevin has given his life to pursue truth and justice. His fight for liberty and freedom for Canadians and those of other countries has been inspiring and has given hope to all of us. We need more people with his boldness to stand against the wrong and stand up for that which is right.! Keep fighting Kevin are loved and appreciated!

You are a great guy, the way you talk to people, even those attacking you or disagreeing with you, is always calm and considerate. Keep telling the truth.

Passionate, knowledgeable, kind and caring, thoughtfulness and respectful to say the least. We need more people like Kevin j johnston in this world. He will soon be also known as Calgary's next mayor!!!

Great guy, thankfully he’s bringing out the truth in a peaceful way.. Praise God

Great knowledgeable, caring warrior speaking up for the little people. Keep it up Kevin.

Thank you Kevin for bringing TRUE news to our homes. What a great team you have. I look forward to seeing you daily. Keep up the awesome work. Hugs and prayers !

Where do I put the reviews? Here you go. You are a great man filled with love and truth. I greatly admire your courage and wisdom. I love you.

Compassionate all around good guy! Will make a great leader as next mayor of Calgary!!

Can’t wait until you become mayor! You’re forthright and honest! You do the things that are needed so we retain our freedoms! Keep going buddy! Love it!

Thank you for all you do Kevin. You're a great leader and Lord knows we need more men like you with courage to stand up for what is right.

Kevin genuinely cares about his fellow citizens and loves his country He is going to be a great mayor ! I appreciate his hard work

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