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The Kevin J. Johnston Show Vladislav Sobolev and Chris Sky

Tonight on the show, how's it going so quickly we got Vlad waiting he wants to explain a little bit what's going on. What time to be alive. I'm taking it one day at a time for almost lost two years right so this is not necessarily anything different just definitely the energies undeniable the whole country's coming together and it's beautiful to see it's it's really is beautiful a lot of people are very emotional understandably, because we all been suppressed for so long and people just doing what we can to to stay alive to stay human and to pushing forward, so it is absolutely beautiful to see that the whole country is coming together for the one common goal that we do have which is freedom and and prosperity and bright future for all the kids in this country.

The millions of dollars have been raised. Right now people are finding this Convoy on by themselves and at the same time people have been very generous on the way. Obviously everyone's getting fed as much as possible and a lot of people just giving cash for the gas as people driving by and then all that stuff.

Chris Sky says, what was really going on letting people know how to fight back actually organizing people to fight back and look what happened now now after we warn everybody about everything that was going to happen everything we warned up has come to pass from the mandates to the mask to the never-ending boosters and surprise what happened when it finally hit people's home when it finally hit the very shelves where we buy our our food and all their essential items. Now we have a massive Revolution on our hands a revolution of hundreds of thousands of truckers with millions of Canadian supporter and tens of millions if not more around the world and no matter how the mainstream media wants to try to play it down, no matter how our government wants to try to label these truck drivers these truck drivers are nothing more than our front line special forces Heroes they are standing up for the entirety of Canada and the entirety of humanity.

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