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The Kevin J. Johnson Show Question & Answer night

On the Kevin J. Johnston show, we are answering all your questions that you may have. Our first one, "are jabbed people spreading the sickness" Well probably, cuz they are carriers. Australia truckers are taking back their country if they have to get a little bit more aggressive because they have been pushed too far. I share a video where we the people have had enough from the State of affairs lately and that's a good thing. It's Trudeau being shouted at and being called a coward and everything else.

I'm the only real non-politician running for public office. I've listened to every campaign promise now in the city of Calgary has bothered to make a video. The other candidates are claiming that can change is real and call the tax is coming back, they're going to be listening to the health authorities to whatever they have to say, so you can expect your jabs and masks to come back. Forced vaccination passports. I'm the only one that's going to stop it. Because the rest of them give ambiguous answers.

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