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The Digital Currency Revolution Has Begun - Kevin J. Johnston

The Canadian Dollar is going to TANK and when it does, it is going to be replaced by a digital currency that the Canadian Government will have full control over. It will be TURNED OFF for everyone who does not get vaccinated. Bitcoin and Ethereum have no way to be stolen from you by Trudeau and his band of criminals. Digital Currency is the future and that future is here, RIGHT NOW! I will show you how to make a simple investment and be able to pay all of your bills from JUST THE INTEREST!

To be able to PURCHASE Bitcoin and Ethereum in Canada, use SHAKEPAY as Canadian banks will not let you use SWIFT CODES to purchase digital currency.


To earn up to 8% on your Bitcoin and Ethereum open a PINNACLE VENTURES account.


Welcome to Pinnacle Ventures.

A digital asset loan trading platform that combines the power of AI and Cryptocurrency to reward members with healthy Royalties and Commissions.


• The Pinnacle Ventures Inc (PVI) provides private VIP access to a superior Digital Asset Trading Platform.

• PVI was founded by a highly specialized team with backgrounds in Finance, FOREX and Technology with fully licensed operating trading partners.

• PVI was created to help members pursue their financial goals in a Crypto loan program that offers up to 8% a month in Royalties and is payable weekly.

• We also offer members the opportunity to participate in a social networking platform that rewards generous commissions paid in BTC or ETH. (NO FIAT TRANSACTIONS – ONLY CRYPTOCURRENCY ACCEPTED)

• Members keep their BTC/ETH and can benefit from the current evaluations.

• The Pinnacle Ventures is a registered corporation in Barbados, West Indies.

• Our industry is Arbitrage Trading using Cryptocurrency, and more specifically we use Bitcoin, which was the first cryptocurrency developed.


• Cryptocurrency is digital money.

• It has no physical banknotes or coins – it is only virtual.

• It not controlled by any central authority or government – it is decentralized.

• It uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions.


• Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency developed.

• It was created in 2009 as an alternative to traditional money and not issued or backed by any banks or governments.

• All Bitcoin transactions are run and stored in a large peer-to-peer network called the blockchain.


• Arbitrage Trading is the simultaneous buying and selling of the same asset in different markets to gain from the difference in price in both markets.

• Arbitrage Trading in the cryptocurrency market can be extremely lucrative due to the high volatility and price swings of cryptocurrency.

• PVI trades Bitcoin Ethereum over several cryptocurrency exchanges and we capitalize on the price differential.

• Pinnacle Ventures provides private VIP access to a our Digital Trading Platform that’s managed completely by our traders (members don’t trade – our experts do).

• With your VIP Membership, you are given a fully managed solution.

• Receive attractive daily royalties and track your success within your back-office.


• Install a Crypto Wallet (download Shakepay from the Apple Store or Google Play Store)

• Get Bitcoin or Ethereum

• Register on Inviter’s Affiliate Link (sponsor’s name)

• Select your VIP Membership Package

Anyone who is a MEMBER under Kevin J. Johnston gets FREE TRAINING and FREE TECH SUPPORT!

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