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Stay out of Toronto...Violence is Coming

Canadians Just Lost More Rights Thanks to Multiculturalism

This is currently October 13th 2023. Police departments all over North America are on high alerts because there have been calls for violence. Palestinians and Palestinian supporters have been instructed to create chaos in the western world. Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Miami, Biloxi, Dallas and every other North American city has nothing to do with Israel or Palestine or their battle.

The problem is that Palestinians and those who support Palestine are the ones causing all of the problems. Jews are not running around New York blowing it up but the Islamic contingents of Palestine are.

The idea of multiculturalism and mass importation of people from cultures who hate us obviously hasn't worked in our favor in any way. Tax dollars are now being spent to make sure that Palestinians don't destroy the infrastructure that everybody who came before them built. If this is what Palestine wants to do to the rest of the world, I would absolutely support any of their enemies.

Hamas attacked Israel; Israel returned the favor and the rest of the world wants to say that Israel is in the wrong. I don't see any Israelis destroying anything anywhere else but I do see Palestinians doing it. Stay out of the downtown core of every major Canadian city for the next 3 days please.

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