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Society Desperately Needs Humanity Reinstated: The Valerieann Folely Story

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Valerieann Folely and I was able to learn more about this courageous woman. For those of you who do not know Valerieann, she is the British Columbian woman who back on December 5, 2020; was harassed, mentally abused, physically assaulted and then arrested by Vancouver Transit Police Officer Constable Peter Kwok, for her not wearing a mask on the TransLink Sky-train. Valerieann has a medical exception to not wear a mask and she had even had shown proof of such to the Police Officer, to which he of course ignored and didn't care about. The same Officer that charged Valerieann for Assault of a Peace Officer, among other charges and also issued her a bogus Covid-fine. As can be seen in this video link: Recently the Crown Attorney dropped these rediculous charges that were placed against Valerieann, however she is still fighting the Covid-fine. This fine will get tossed as well, because as we've all seen across the country, no one has been convicted in court for these unlawful fines. The reason I reached out to Valerie for an interview, isn't so much to cover the horrific ordeal she was put through. It was to give her the opportunity to show people the human side of these terrible things. I wanted Valerieann to have a space to speak from the heart and tell people who she is, how the Government Regulated Covid Agenda has impacted her life and her not be censored. So I gave Valerieann some guidance questions and asked her to write a letter to people who support her and especially to those who still are negative towards her. A negativity example being in the two links here of DH NEWS and VANCOUVER IS AWESOME articles: And: These Media outlets actually pat the Officer on the back for his efforts in victimizing Valerieann, they try to make her out to be a crazy person for refusing to give up her rights and then they boast about the amount of unlawful Covid-Fines the Vancouver Transit Police have berated people with. To you Media outlets and Writers, I won't dare call you Journalists, because what you do is not real Journalism. The National Inquirer does a better job at Investigative Journalism than you do and that's even with them only having blurry UFO pictures to work from. You slime balls actually have a full length video to work from, that most of our county has seen, and most people don't see this Police Officer as some kind of hero. They see him and your Media outlets as the problem with our society today. You should be ashamed of the garbage you put out and call it news, when in reality all you amount to are Government funded bullies. Further victimizing people by not doing actual Investigative Journalism and just blurting out your opinion, isn't news. However, what it does is help fuel a Government agenda which you support and some people actually take your garbage as the truth. Why would they do that? Well, because society is supposed to be able to trust the Media and have faith that when Media reports something, they are doing it with integrity and as much clarity as possible. To which your Media outlets and your Writers clearly have lost touch with a long time ago. Though these fake Journalists are absolutely horrible at honest reporting, what it does do, is prove my point of this article. We as a human race have lost touch with our humanity and instead we have categorized everything in our lives, including people. So here is Valerieann's letter to show her humanity, as well as photos Valerieann provided me for the article. I would encourage all of you to do the same and share your voices as well.

"My Name is Valerieann Foley, I’m 41 years old and my Birthday is December 28th 1979. I was Born at RGH 🏥(Richmond General Hospital) Richmond British Columbia and my Cultural background is mixed. My Home Town Richmond Bc was Terrific, I grew up in a multi cultural suburban neighbourhood in the Shellmont area. We were a middle class family of two extremely hard-working parents.

It was a fantastic Neighbourhood to grow up in; we would have BBQ’s with Neighbor's, ride bikes, have sleepovers and we'd play outside until the Street lights came on. We’d make mud pies, jump ditches, collect tadpoles; we spent all day - everyday - outside exploring and playing. I played Softball my entire life and I was also on the Shellmont Bowling League. I joined Brownies / Girl Guides as a Young Girl. I was very fortunate to have my Nana & Papa live three houses down from us, who had a Swimming Pool. I spent my summers Swimming and Doing arts & Crafts with my Nana. My Parents worked full time to provide for me and my two older sisters. One of my fondest memories was hopping on the back of my Dads motorcycle and holding on so tight as he road us around the neighbourhood, it was exhilarating and JOYOUS! Another one of my greatest memories I have with my Dad, is him building a giant snow fort with us in the winter time. I’ll never forget that winter or snow fort, it felt like a snow castle he built just for us kids... I’ve been undeniably Blessed with Loving, Strong, Courageous and hard working Parents.

In 2007 I was Blessed with my Beautiful Daughter, who is now 13 yrs old. We have a Dog, she is a golden retriever named Maple 🦮 and we have two cats 🐈🐈 named Diamond and Jewel. I’m a Single Mother, I have raised my Daughter on my own from day one. Her father is not in the picture and he never has been. My Hobbies are Swimming , Bike riding , Baseball, watching UFC Fights , Bowling , Football , Volleyball , Tennis and of Course HOCKEY 🏒, I am on Disability and I can only work Part Time, I was in an MVA that changed our lives forever. I have nerve damage in my neck & back and I had double knee surgeries 2019, do to the MVA. I had torn my Meniscus in both knees upon impact and left me with severe nerve damage and seizures. My Personal Life Goals are very simple, they are to continue to inspire people to stand in there own authority and to live each day as if it were your last day on earth . Live in Gratitude, with Love in your Heart and Always have Faith."

What was life like for you, before Covid? "Life before Covid was Great! It had it’s difficult moments for sure, but not like it is now. People were kind, caring and courteous to others. People respected one another and Greeted each other with a smile as they pass by. I worked part time at PAJOS, which is a fish & chips restaurant down on the beach and I enjoyed my job a lot. I enjoyed going to game nights at the community centre with my friends and family, I also I loved going swimming at our community pool. My physical and mental health has always been sort of a battle, do to severe childhood traumas, but I tried to live everyday with gratitude, compassion and kindness. Gratitude, Compassion and Kindness are the most important characteristics a person can have. My outlook on life has always been positive. I’ve always viewed the world around me as a beautiful place, with limitless possibilities. I was raised to believe that nothing is impossible or out of reach, if you are willing to work for it."

What is life like for you, during Covid? "Life during “Covid” has been undeniably challenging. This Plandemic has caused division amongst family & friends and has damaged relationships & friendships severely. I’m unable to work right now due to these Bullsh@t mask mandates. I am medically exempt from wearing a mask and even if I wasn’t medically exempt, they are extremely harmful to people’s health. I feel a total loss of community and Togetherness. My physical and mental health has severely deteriorated, due to this is Plandemic I try my best to stay positive and spread love wherever I go. I always have gratitude, even though the world around me can be cruel, divided and unjust. I am discriminated against everyday while shopping. I’m continuously harassed about a mask, denied service, heckled and bullied. On February 28th, I was denied access to Surrey Memorial Hospital for being medically exempt from wearing a mask. I was there to pick up a loved one and I was forced to stand in the freezing cold for two hours, until this family member was ready to be released. I was heckled by four men, who continuously came out to laugh at me, harassed me, intimidate me and I have it all on video. March 1st, I was denied service to go upstairs inside the Vancouver Courthouse, to have my appearance notice stamped. My Lawyer, Matthew Wolfson, was on speakerphone with me, as the officers refused me service and entrance to go upstairs. The discrimination I face on a Daily Basis is unconscionable. It is nothing short of disgraceful. I have Received Death threats since The Daily Hive / Vancouver Is Awesome and Global News News Outlets, have all created a FAKE story of what occurred on the Skytrain December 5, 2020. I have been Harassed and Bullied as a Direct Result of their Fake Story line."

In your own words, can you describe the assault you endured and how you felt? "On December 5th 2020 I had gone downtown Vancouver to Purchase a T-shirt from a girlfriend of mine, Sue Standfield. I hugged her Goodbye and headed down to Pacific Center Skytrain Station. I got on the Train, I was sitting peacefully by myself, when a Transit policeman had followed me on the train. He immediately started harassing me about a mask. I handed him my Translink exemption card, he then told me that it was no longer valid and it was illegal for me to be on the train with out a mask. He then said, I had to cover my face or wear a mask. I told him I was medically exempt multiple times, he continued to harass me and demand proof that I was exempt. He Then told me I was under arrest for not having a mask. He immediately grab me by my left arm and started punching me repeatedly in my side, in my back and in my ribs. He then grabbed me and slammed me against the wall twice. He had me pinned against the wall and when the train came to a stop, he then dragged me off the sky train and handcuff me to a railing. While I was handcuffed to the railing, Translink‘s own PA system comes on saying masks are mandatory and less you qualified for an exception, which I had provided the officer. I was assaulted so bad by Officer Peter Kwok that two more Police Officer's had to come help assist me, as I couldn’t stand on my own from having the Police Officer Crack my Ribs both Front and Back. They had to help me walk to an elevator, where I was transported to the back of a police car, where I had to sit still handcuffed for 20 -30 minutes. After 20 -30 minutes, two more officers came, a male and Female who body searched me and went through my bag & personal belongings. I was then transported from one vehicle to a second vehicle, where I had waited another 20- 30 minutes. From there we went to a garage in Vancouver, sat in the garage for about 30 minutes to an hour, where I was told they needed to photograph me and fingerprint me. They never ended up taking me inside to the Police Station for photographing or fingerprinting. From the garage, they held me against my will for about one hour, then they took me to Lansdown sky train where my car was parked. This is where I was coerced into signing some thing that I couldn’t read or understand as I am dyslexic. The two Police Officer's who drove me to my car STOLE my phone, which was a serious crime as I am a PWD (Person With Disability); my phone is my Lifeline... They endangered the life of my child in my life by stealing my phone. My child had no way to get a hold of me and I had no way to get a hold her. For days, I had no way to get a hold of my restbit worker, my Hydrotherapy or my massage therapy. I was totally and completely traumatized from the assault that had occurred. I wasn’t just viciously and brutally assaulted, it was also a major Assault on my mind, as well It was Beyond TRAUMATIC. I was unlawfully and illegally arrested and taken against my will. Being Assaulted by a Police Officer who is suppose to be there to protect me, not be the one to cause me harm. The Police Officer Ended up Charging me with Assaulting A Police officer and Breaking Covid and I did no such thing. He said I kicked him in the groin, which is not true, if I had kicked a man in the groin he would’ve been on the ground crying in pain. He would not of been able to repeatedly punch me, slam me against the wall, drag me off the sky train and handcuff me to a railing. His actions are completely inexcusable and it has resurfaced a lot of childhood trauma. When I was 16 years old, I was kidnapped in Vancouver by a Fijian man. I was suffocated, beaten and raped beyond recognition; to the point my own parents couldn’t recognize me in the hospital and they had difficulties identifying it was me. I am a survivor of multiple injustices."

How did you feel when your charges were dropped? "March 10th 2021 I received an Email from the OPCC. I immediately forwarded it to my lawyer Matthew Wolfson, so he could help me read and understand what it meant. He let me know that the Crown is not going ahead with Criminal Charges. The moment he told me that, I felt as though I could finally breathe again. I cried so hard, because JUSTICE HAD PREVAILED"

What are your plans moving forward? "My plans on moving forward is to go after Translink and this Police Officer, to press criminal charges against him and all involved. This Police Officer does not deserve the badge that he wears, he clearly doesn’t know how to deal with the public. I will be suing Translink and the Police Officer, as well."

What your message to others? "My message to others is to stay strong, always stand up for what is right, live with gratitude, be kind, be compassionate and be a caring human being; it’s never OK to discriminate against anybody, for any reason. To the people who speak badly about me. I am a survivor of unimaginable trauma, you will never break me no matter how hard you try, because God has an army of angels protecting me every day. I pray that God takes the wickedness out of your hearts & mouths. First and foremost I would like to thank my family and friends, especially Susan Standfield. She has been a rock solid of mine, she inspires me daily to do better & to be better. My final words to The Public is this, Live Your Life Unapologetically Unmasked, JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL".

I wanted Valerieann to write about herself as a human being, to help instill some humanity into the world. She, like millions of other people, are victims of this inhumane society that we've all allowed to develope around us. Whenever we talk about Covid deaths and anybody dares to challenge Covid related matters, people always refer to how each one of those deaths is somebody's friend & family member and they find some kind of personal connection to those deaths. Well this is my hope here, is to allow people a way of personally connecting with Valerieann. Like all of the Covid reported deaths, Covid cases, permanently closed businesses, depressed and addicted people. Valerieann is also a victim of the Government Regulated Plandemic and the way out of this thing isn't found in lockdowns and unlawful overreach of Police Officer's, it's found in our basic humanity.

If you would like to help support Valerieann, you can do so through her GoFundMe page at:

Ron Scott



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3 commentaires

A full blown Karen shes acted the victim many times before when she claims ”sovereign first nation citizenship“ which means she opposes paying tax for the roadway she drives on, then drives on it unlicensed and claims harassment when pulled over! This person is a drain on society and thinks shes above the rest of us and the law.


Tony Loeffler
Tony Loeffler
27 mars 2021

No sympathy for not wearing a mask. Guess that’s what you get for having zero fucking brain cells.

Ron Scott
Ron Scott
27 mars 2021
En réponse à

And you are part of the problem in society today, that I spoke about . Hopefully no one close to you ever has to go through anything like this woman did, which causes her to be exempted from wearing a mask. A mask that even the Government and W.H.O says, doesn't protect you from catching or spreading a virus. Just like they are hopeful that an untested shot, will work on varrients of a virus they've never isolated. I wouldn't expect you to actually read the article to see as to why this woman is exempted. After all this would require you to actually use your mind and not just spout out verbal diarrhea. However, it does appear y…

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