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I've had enough of left-wing garbage. Fortunately, Walt Disney is not alive to see how his media Empire is now a complete Empire in Decline and most likely is going to have to sell off about half of the properties they have purchased.

The woke left and all of their anti-white and anti-American rhetoric has led Disney to become super far left and they are assisting the far left who don't buy tickets anyway in the destruction of American culture, all-white culture, and everything good that made America great.

If something is not profitable, why do it? We are all tired of everybody in every movie being gay because gay folks represent fewer than 5% of the entire planet and even gay folks themselves are sick of the misrepresentation of just how many gay folks there are. If you don't believe me, ask the average gay men how easy or difficult it is to get a date and they'll tell you how tough it is from the smaller pool they have to select from.

This Rachel Zegler psychopath seems to be extremely excited about the idea of destroying white culture more so than she feels the importance of Being cast in a lead role or getting paid to pretend to be someone else. Her left-wing ideology is frighteningly racist and frighteningly vulgar and for this, I can't wait to see the entire Disney Corporation implode under the weight of their own stupidity.

Is it wrong of me to pray to the good Lord to have a meteor crash at all of the Disney theme parks rendering them completely flat?

Of course, I'm praying for it to happen at 3:00 in the morning, the kids have nothing to do with it!

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