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Roman Baber Asks Ford Government What Is Their Covid Exit Strategy.

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

So in short the Ford government is saying, "We have no exit strategy, we will however point out the obvious that Mr. Baber voted towards such things that the whole party he belong to at the time were also voting towards. Until which point that Mr. Baber could no longer go along with the Conservative Party's narrative and he spoke out, so we booted him out of our party. Now we will act confused as to why Mr. Baber doesn't agree with lockdown measures. On top of that we are so very proud of ourselves for everything that we have done and continue to do wrong towards the Ontario taxpayer's. As well the citizens of Ontario should be proud of us to and they should appreciate the hard work that we've done to oppress them, all behind the mask of keeping them safe.". Here's a fresh idea, why don't you just try answering a damn question! What is your exit strategy, besides pointing fingers?

It's okay we all know that your government has a lot of covering up still left to do and documents to destroy, but it's been a year now. Which is more than enough time to not just simply sit back and rely on drug companies to come up with a miracle vaccine for you. The fact is this, much of the world has gone back to some type of normal life and yet in Canada we still sit here under a thumb of oppression and depression So again instead of pointing out the obvious of what Mr. Baber voted for when he was a part of your scandalous party, which is the reason he spoke out in the first place. Why don't you just try answering the damn question. All we are asking for, is for you to try answering the question. Just like when a parent asks their child to at least try their vegetables, rather than just pushing them away. Stop pushing Ontarians and their concerns away.

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