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Rachel Notley Claims Torches Are Intended To Spread Hate and Intimation

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Rachel Notley claims that torches being carried at a peaceful assembly, are for the purpose of intimidating people and to spread hate. Though when you google, as shown in this picture, What does the torch represent? and What is the meaning of the torch in education?

You get meanings so far away from intimidation and hatred, that those things are basically in a different zip code. Which is exactly where intimidation and hatred belong. They certainly have no place in society and they most definitely are not present at peaceful assemblies. Lately the only time they are present in society or at peaceful assemblies, is when the government and police agencies inflict intimidation and hatred on peaceful protesters or innocent civilians.

Speaking of a different zip code, come election time that's exactly what needs to to happen with Rachel Notley. Well Rachel according to you the torch means hatred. So based on that, I'm guessing if the Olympics happen in Communist China next year, they will find some other means of lighting the Olympic fire. Maybe some Roman Candles? No we couldn't do that, after all the Romans have a pretty intimidating and hateful history, so that probably would offend someone as well.

The Olympic Torch is passed from one country to another to signify unity and love. So how can Rachel Notley try to sell to the public, that a torch at a peaceful assembly, means separation and hatred?

This woman should be removed from her political position with the NDP. For trying to spread hatred, cause division in society and frankly for trying to insinuate a riot in Edmonton on the weekend.

Mrs. Notley you should feel ashamed, by your total lack of understanding, laziness in educating yourself and your total inability to govern in a respectful manner.

Additionally I find it very Interesting how I tagged Rachel Notley in this post on FB, afterall this is all about her, and FB won't accept the tag...Hmmmm 🤔 I guess she only wants to hear from Canadians that are interested in a shot of her NDP Kool-Aid. Ohhhh wait that's right, the NDP is in bed with Justin Trudeau's Liberal Government. So I guess our tax dollars that were paid to Facebook to censor people, would also cover any NDP member as well.

Edit: A picture has been added at the bottom showing tiki torches being used at a Muslim protest, protesting Uyghur genocide in China. So Rachel are these people also spreading hate and are they racist?

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