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Since the governments of the western world are having a difficult time getting us to be afraid of diseases that do not exist, now they want us to be afraid that our marketing materials are no longer going to work.

It is incredible that they will stop at nothing to make us fear something to distract us from what's really going on around the world.

A number of articles were sent to me over the last couple of days talking about the fact that QR codes are on their way out.

It is a technology that is on its way up and is not going to go away until phones become completely autonomous and completely intelligent. The QR code is the easiest way to get a message across to anyone and since every country in the world is now using them, why would that technology disappear?

You do not need to change any of your marketing materials in any way in fact I would say ramp up your use of QR codes because they're probably going to be here for the next hundred years!

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