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Police Officer Brings Autistic Boy Cheetos. It's Time To Rebuild Relations & Trust In Canada as well

We have to brag about a Police Officer in Sherwood, Arkansas; who is doing the right stuff when it comes to public relations and building trust within the community which he protects.

The town of Sherwood had been experiencing a record amount of snow fall. A Grandmother and her 4yr old autistic Grandson couldn't get out of the house, to go to the store. Her Grandson had been upset for over a day, because of being out of cheetos.

The Grandmother had commented on the Police Departments facebook page, about her Grandson struggling with is Autism, because Cheetos are a part of his routine. Officer McNeil drove to their house with cheetos for her Grandson. For most people this would be rediculous, but when you have an autistic child and their routine is already messed up do to Covid, this little act of kindness brings a huge smile to this boys little face. Everyone needs to give this Officer a huge pat on the back, for going above and beyond. Also all Police Services in Canada need to take notice here. This is how you should be treating the people in the communities that you have sworn to protect. Now I'm not saying you have to go buy everyone Cheetos, though I'm sure most people wouldn't turn them down, what I'm saying is this is a small act of kindness. Small acts are what will help rebuild the trust from the public, trust that has been completely destroyed, because of these Covid measures you've been forcefully enforcing onto the Citizens in your communities. The Police are the Public and the Public are the Police, it's time to start policing this way again and rebuild that trust with the public. Rebuild the bridges in these communities, that Officer's before you dedicated a lifetime to building, before it's too late. People are not against the Police, they simply just want our Police to stand up for the rights of the people and honor their own oaths in doing so. Thank you to all the dedicated men and women that do keep our Communities safe, we do appreciate you. We are just asking for you to appriciate and respect yourselves enough to honor & protect your oath and our rights.

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