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​Peel Regional Police Are GONE! Kevin J. Johnston For Mayor of Mississauga

Campaign Guarantee 3 - ​Peel Regional Police Are GONE.

I have had a lot of experience dealing with the Peel Regional Police. They have ceased being a police force and become a joke one that the entire International Community knows about but does not find funny.

Instead of focusing on keeping the taxpayers who pay their salary safe, the union and the chief of police are spending all of their time on diversity hiring and on policing the speech of Canadians who are upset with their government.

Diversity is not our strength. Women do not make good police officers because biology dictates they can never take a man down which puts their lives in danger. Since nobody ever wants to talk about psychology, men do not want to be told what to do by women that they are not in a relationship. You cannot beat Human Nature but I can certainly beat Stupid policies.

I'm going to pull Mississauga out of Peel Region to turn it into an economic Powerhouse and all contracts at that point with the Peel Regional Police Force which is merely a corporation for profit will be terminated. Mississauga will have its own police force comprised entirely of hyper-masculine men with intelligence quotients over 105.

The Mississauga Police Department will not be policing people's speech but instead will be performing the duties that police officers were originally created for in Canada and that is to serve the public and protect the public from Criminal Behavior.

Diversity hiring will never happen so long as I'm in charge of Mississauga, only qualified men will Don the new uniform that I will Design. Mississaugans will once again be safe from criminals and from Bad police service policies.

Female officers who want to continue to be police officers are welcome to go to Brampton, Toronto or Halton region where diversity hires are at the core of their policy structure.

I will do what's right for my hometown and I will do what's right for you. I am the only one who will keep you safe in Mississauga.

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