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Just because CNN tells the American public that they should be worried about North Korea does not mean that we should be worried about North Korea. If you remember more than a decade ago, the American government detected an underground nuclear blast, which was later discovered to be a conventional explosive blast. It was designed to trigger all of the tectonic sensors around the world to make the world believe they had nuclear weapons. North Korea does not even have food; where the hell would they get nukes from?

They are testing missiles, which the media here says can make it to Los Angeles but anybody with a brain would know that a country that poor would build missiles that could make it one country over. Apparently, the American Navy is shooting down North Korea's test missiles once they enter International Water air space and apparently, North Korea is threatening the United States to tell the Biden Administration to stop shooting down their missiles or they're going to retaliate.

The American public then begins to panic, which is what CNN wants because it's good for ratings.

Fortunately, I have a brain in my head and I think for myself. I did my own research and it turns out that Japan would be the likely target as with South Korea and they would hit those two countries in the hopes that the Americans would come into a war against them, which they would lose in less than a month, or less than a couple of days if Trump was in charge.

Using my freedom of speech, I'm the first one to state that if every single life form in North Korea was completely obliterated the universe would not notice in any way, as there would be a little less stress in the world. North Korea has nothing to offer Humanity in any way. That is of course their government's fault but it's also the people's fault for falling for all of the lies told them on a daily basis. Statistically speaking, by now there should have been enough North Korean citizens smart enough to understand that in order to have their freedom back they should have started shutting down critical infrastructure in the country to paralyze the government, but they don't seem to exist.

The threats from their leader are empty, at least towards America. Japan is the country that has to worry about North Korea. It is not our responsibility to protect Japan. The Japanese understand this and they are redeveloping their own military to defend their sovereignty which they should.

Let Japan work on Japan and lets America fix our shit before we start taking on any more problems around the world that nobody can afford. As for all of you who are panicking, panic if you wish but I'm going to continue sipping this really hot cup of coffee not caring about a damn thing.

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