My Bulldogge Calls Bullsh@t on: "Society's Lack Of Common Sense."

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

Below is a great piece of writing that I found online and sadly though I am not sure who penned it. However, it forces us to ask those hard questions that we should all be asking ourselves at this pivotal point in our history; not only as a Nation, but as a Human Race. We are all living in a major turning point of human history in our world and alot of people are still sitting around waiting for the "New Normal" or the old ways to magically fall into their laps. Well you aren't going to like the "New Normal" that these tyrants want for our world. If you don't start standing up for everything our ancestors fought for in the great wars, then the word "Normal" will be forever erased from our history. The word Normal will even fail to exist in a dictionary, if this tyranny is allowed to win. Standing up doesn't mean being violent or aggressive either. It actually means the exact opposite of these things. It mean to start asking questions, demand answers and don't accept any bullsh@t. Civil disobedience, doesn't even require you to speak, it only requires you to practice your rights and freedoms. Don't wear a mask, because you are afraid of a fine or persecution from other people. Wear a mask if you truly believe that you need to wear one and do it for yourself, not for other people. Don't go get the, untested and unproven to even work, Jab in your arm; if you're only doing it to share a Facebook status or because you feel like you are required to. If you truly believe that putting something in your body, rather it's finished the test trial stages or not, then it's your choice to do so. Again however, only do this because you feel it is necessary for yourself and not because you feel it is necessary to follow what the Government or others tell you to do. Stop getting a PCR test that has proven time and time again to be faulty, due to the Government running the test through too many cycles. The creator of the PCR test kary Mullis even said,

"The PCR test can detect almost anything microbial, no matter how tiny, but it cannot determine how much of the microbe is there. PCR tests detect viral fragments from nasal or throat samples using cycle thresholds (amplification). If viral fragments are found at lower thresholds (1-30), that indicates a lot of the virus is likely present because it was found quickly. But if cycle thresholds cycle beyond 30 times, it means the viral fragments are so few that they are impossible to detect. Instead, a microbial piece of dead virus or nucleotide is detected and easily mistaken for the virus fragment." (Info. Found at this link: Therein lies the crux of the controversy inherent in diagnosing COVID-19 cases using PCR testing. However, if you really feel the need to get tested, by a test that the Government only uses the amplified numbers to keep locking us down. Then just make sure you are doing it for yourself and not because your boss, the Health Department, the Government or society makes you feel that you have to get tested. You actually legally do not have to submit to any medical device entering your body. It's Your Body & It's Your Choice for all of these things, so choose for yourself and stop choosing to just go along with things. Don't avoid going to a protest or visiting family, because you're afraid of a bogus Covid-fine, that nobody has had to pay if they've challenged the fine, or because you're afraid of what other people may think of you. Go to a protest and show your displeasure with the Government and the actions they've taken against you, your family and the society that you live in; and go visit family if you feel it is best for you and your family. Do these things if you feel like exercising you're rights under the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms to lawfully & peacefully demonstrate and your freedom of mobility in this country. None of the Health Acts or Guidelines can violate the Charter. It is even written right into the Emergency Management & Civil Protection Act Section 7.0.2: "Safety & Welfare of the people of Ontario, in times of declared emergencies, in a manner that is subject to the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. 2006, C.13, S.1(4)" We are all born with common sense and we all get those feelings when something isn't right, or when we should try looking at something from a different angle. So start using your common sense and listen to the words that the Government and Mainstream Media uses. Notice how lately it's all about case counts, new varrients of concern and everyone needs to get the vaccine for us to get of this thing and there's not much talk about the death rate anymore? Well the total death rate in Canada in 2019 was 284,082 deaths and in 2020 the total death rate in Canada was an estimated 296,373. 150StatCan even states, "The total number of deaths generally rises every year, in tandem with Canada's growing and aging population."

(link for death totals on Canada: ) So that is an estimated increase of 12,291 deaths during a supposed Pandemic. Keeping in mind that 2019 is an actual accurate account of deaths in Canada and 2020 is an estimate. Even if the actual recorded number for 2020 turns out to be accurate in the end, there were 15,606 Covid related deaths in Canada for 2020, which calculates to 5.27% of the total deaths in Canada in 2020. I say covid related, because as can be read in the link provided: ( ) the Government counts every person with confirmed COVID-19 who passed away and does not indicate if COVID-19 was the cause of death. Compare Covid related deaths to the two other categories that killed Canadians such as Cancer and heart disease being consistently Canada's top two killers. In 2019, they accounted for 80,152 and 52,541 deaths, respectively. The next three leading causes of death are accidents and unintentional injuries, cerebrovascular diseases, and chronic lower respiratory diseases. Each of these typically accounts for more than 10,000 deaths a year in Canada (as shown in link: ) When those last 3 categories combined on average kill more Canadians a year then covid related deaths did in 2020, it's hard to fandom actually calling this a Pandemic. Though all Covid related deaths are tragic, all death is tragic regardless of the cause of a person's death. The simple fact remains that the total deaths during a supposed Pandemic should be astronomical, if indeed the Wuhan Virus is as deadly as the Government and the Mainstream Media would lead you to believe. However, there own statistics show from 2019-2021 there is barely a percentage change in Canada's death rate from 7.758 to 7.849 (As shown here: ) Doug Ford was just the other day talking about all of the new variants of concern and how he doesn't want to be speaking a couple months from now about a fourth wave of varrients, that the vaccines don't protect us from. He said that 90% of the new Covid-19 cases in Ontario are new variants of concern. So if Doug Ford is so concerned of us having a 4th wave of Varrients that The Jab won't protect us from, then why is the Government so adamant on pushing the shots into people's arms? (Ford's speech in link here: ) Like I said folks, let's use our common sense here, listen to your Spidey Senses and listen closely to the words spoken out both sides of people's mouths. First we can all start off by reading the piece below, by an unknown author and start asking the hard questions of yourself, your Government and of those around you.

"We are seeing the most communist measures enforced at all levels of government that we've ever seen in our lifetimes, and yet rather than being alarmed by the things going on, so many of you applaud. People are being arrested for spending too much time outside, and you applaud. Pastors are being arrested for daring to hold church services, and you applaud. A child's birthday party is raided by police, and you applaud. A young woman is ticketed for going on a leisurely drive alone because it's deemed "non-essential travel", and you applaud. A parade of school teachers and administrators who wanted to drive through neighborhoods and wave at children is busted up by cops because they were "nonessential," and you applaud. A lone paddleboarder in the ocean on a beach without any other people around is arrested because he's violating quarantine orders, and you applaud. People are being denied life saving medical treatments because they're not a priority right now (not "essential" as deemed by the government) as the entirety of our medical system is focused on one thing, and you applaud. Businesses are beings forcibly closed and padlocked and owners arrested for refusing to shut down, and you applaud. Dairy farmers (and soon, other farmers) are being incentivized to stop dairy farming and to sell their herds, and you don't seem to understand the implications. You're being told to use hotlines and online forms provided by your local governments to report your neighbors who don't obey, and you comply. You scold people day after day for not obeying government edicts, and if any of us dare to question what's happening, you lecture about how we're a danger to society and and we just don't care about people dying. You've somehow managed to convince yourselves that the people whose lives are affected by a virus are MUCH more important than the people whose lives are being destroyed (and in many cases, leading to death) by the effects of a worldwide economic shutdown and impending worldwide depression the likes of which no one has ever seen before. At what point will you start QUESTIONING what's going on? How far does the government have to push before you're jolted awake from your slumber? How far are you willing to go with this? If they told you to load your families onto train cars so that you could be taken to Virus Protection Facilities for your own safety, would you do it? YES. Yes, you would.That much has become painfully obvious. Yet the whole time, you'd be shaking your finger and yelling at those who refused, accusing them of being "a danger to society" and "not caring if people die." But they don't have to load you onto train cars and take you to Virus Protection Facilities, or force you to comply, because you do that voluntarily. They control your mind. They control you through fear. They control you by convincing you that the world is a scary dangerous place, but they're here to protect you, care for you, and keep you safe, just as long as you OBEY. They know that as long as you're locked inside your comfortable home with Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a cell phone, while dangling a $$$$$ check in front of you like a carrot on a stick, you'll comply. No force is necessary for the majority of the herd. The truth is YOU ARE IMPRISONED, willingly, and you're too blind to see it."

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls "Society's Lack Of Common Sense," total Bullsh@t!!!

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