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My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On: "Pepé Le Pew Being Called A Rapist"!!!

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

So with cancel culture out of control these days, apparently Pepé Le Pew is a Rapist. It's just mind baffling how anyone can watch a black cat with white paint on her tail get chased around by a love crazed skunk and call it a form of rape culture.

Look at this picture, how do you explain this part of the cartoon Snowflakes?

Let me guess Penelope developed Stockholm Syndrome, because she was chased so much by Pepé. No it's all part of the cartoon and her character. Penelope turned the tables on Pepé a couple of times, to scare him away, by becoming more love crazed than he is. She also used his love to help her out at times with other characters in the cartoon. You know, being no different than what we have all done at some point in our lives to get our own way.

Well look at that, here's also a picture of a Pepé Le Pew cartoon, where Pepé in his crazed romantic state, is chasing around Sylvester the cat. At the end of Dog Pounded (1954), Sylvester spent most of the cartoon trying to get past a pack of dogs to Tweety, his breakfast.

In the final routine, he paints a white stripe down his back to look like a skunk and frighten the dogs. It works.

However, a cartoon cat with a painted skunk line brought on the appearance of Pepé Le Pew and Sylvester had to squirm, to get away from Pepés romantic advances.

So I guess Pepé Le Pew is such a crazed rapist, that not even a male cat is safe around him. One would think that you Cancel Culture Babies would support a male skunk romantically pursuing a male cat. After all it plays right into two big concepts of your whole Cancel Culture Agenda. Sylvester identifies as a skunk, which sends the message of it being okay to identify as anything you choose.

Pepé romantically pursues a male cat, which sends the message of it being ok to be romantically attracted to anything you choose.

With this in mind, it's also crazy Mr. Potato Head has been canceled, because of him identifying as a male. The fact that the Mister title is right in his name, and has been since day one, obviously it means the creator of that character presented him to the world as a male and presented his wife as a female. So why is it if we want to include everybody, why didn't we just come out with a Non-Binary Potato Head? I mean look at the huge missed marketing opportunity here. The toy company could have sold a blank Potato Head and just sold each individual part for it separately. If you want a pink arm and a blue arm, no problem. If you want a men's dress shoe and women's high heel, no problem. The possibilities would have been endless, but no instead the Cancel Culture Agenda can't think that open-mindedly and they push to have something erased yet again. At the end of the day getting rid of Mr. Potato Head, because it's choosing a gender, makes just as much sense as expecting the light to change quicker, just because you're constantly pushing the crosswalk button. Now I'm not attacking anything to do with people's personal choices of what they like or dislike in life. To the contrary, I actually support that.

Do what you want and be what you want, but just know this doesn't give you the right to expect others to want or be those same things. The below is one person's response to the Cancel Culture Babies claiming Pepé Le Pew is a rapist and he promotes rape culture. I agree with what is said below, basically as young children we weren't looking at cartoons through the eyes of a sexual deviant. So perhaps for the people that are now doing this today, you may be a sexual deviant yourself if you're thinking and viewing things in such a way.

"Listen up Buttercups! As someone who actually grew up watching Pepé LePew (and all those “BAD” Saturday morning cartoons), I never saw Pepé as a rapist or promoting rapist culture. HELL I didn’t even know what a rapist was. I WAS A CHILD!

Let me impart my CHILDHOOD thoughts:

The only reason I ever thought the cat tried to get away from Pepé was, because she was in fact, A CAT and he was a SKUNK. (For those of you who are biologically/scientifically challenged... Skunks and Cats ARE completely different animals.) Skunks also smelled... bad.

I distinctly remember watching and thinking:

If Pepé catches up with her, she’s going to need a bath. That’s it!


STOP READING MORE INTO OUR CHILDHOOD CARTOONS, BREAKFAST FOOD ICONS, VEHICLE NAMES, and everything else. No one became a rapist, racist, murderer, animal abuser, or dropper of anvils; from watching our vintage Saturday morning cartoons while eating Aunt Jemima pancakes with Mrs butterworth's syrup. You are, IN FACT, idiots, looking for attention due to the lack of parental fortitude in YOUR own lives.

You are walking, talking, “grown” infants. Screaming when you don’t get your way resulting in showing the world how truly absurd you are.

How about WE THE PEOPLE cancel YOU because WE are offended by your feckless, pansy ass, stupidity! "

Buford and I totally agree with everything in this raw, but very true statement.

A skunk chasing a cat around with his crazed romance for the last 60+ years is so offensive in 2021. Yet there are woman actually being sexually assaulted in Justin Trudeau's Covid Hotels and all of you Cancel Culture Babies are quiet about that.

Buforduford and I would also like to applaud the village of Newbury, for not conforming to this rediculous Cancel Culture. They have decorated all of the hydro poles on Main St. in support of Pepe Le Pew over a year ago and haven't removed them due to this rediculous claim. As see above.

It's amazing how Cancel Culture trys to say it's looking out for everyone's best interest. Yet the above picture of Pepé escapades, which is a suicide from a broken heart, isn't even mentioned by you Snowflakes. That's right because, in your Cancel Culture World it's completely acceptable to play Grand Theft Auto for hours on end; virtually committing the most horrific crimes in society such as murder, assault, armed robbery and even rape. So suicide is not important to you people either. You know even with Classic Cartoon characters comically committing suicide, we as children never even knew what suicide was. However, you know what has caused a huge spike in suicide in children? It's the way most of society has allowed our government to completely destroy our children's childhoods and ruin our society. Another matter to which all of you Snowflakes sit by, do nothing about and call everyone a rasist, because they stand up for our children's futures.

You know, it's great to stand for something, but if you're only going to pick and choose which parts of that thing you stand for; then take a seat and allow the adults to haddle things. Ohhh and the worry we kids had of Penelope needing a bath, if Pepé were to catch her. It's illustrated here in a picture of one of Pepés stink victims.

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t.

So my friends Buford calls "Pepe Le Pew Being A Rapist" total Bullsh@t!!!

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