My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On, "People Getting Rid Of Pandemic Puppies."

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

We all see people all the time on Social media getting rid of their dog, either giving them away or trying to make their money back on the dog, by selling it online. You know, the same dog that only months prior to this was their pride & Joy adorable little fluffy puppy.

I hate seeing this garbage online, the only acceptable excuses for dog owners Rehoming their dog, is if they had a drastic event in their life that would impact the level care they can provide for the dog; or if they were very sick or passed away suddenly. Instead the unacceptable excuses you see in these online ads are such as the dog got too big, the dogs behavior can't be controlled or the dog has had health issues. People all too often treat animals like anything else in their lives, disposable and it's so sickening to see. This Plandemic created a huge spike in the amount of people who got dogs during their time staying at home. Then people get back to work, they are dealing with home schooling or they don't have time for the dog anymore. They also don't take the time to train the dog properly, so it's behavior is out of control or it messes in the house. As well, that cute little puppy, has turned into a big drool machine that eats as much as a human. Basically, people can't dedicate their time back to a dog. That same dog who during the lockdowns and stay home orders, helped keep you sane, they comforted you and made you laugh when depression was setting in. The same puppy that loved you without conditions attached, just because you welcomed that puppy into your home. Now in return, you discard this dogs unconditional selfless love, because of your own selfishness. You don't get a puppy, because they are soooo cute and snuggly. A dog is not an accessory or play thing to entertain you as you need it to. A dog is not a temporary fix for something you feel is missing in your life either. A dog is a lifetime commitment and when you make that commitment, that dog has already agreed to be by your side for its whole short life that it has to share with you. How would you feel if someone who meant the world to you, suddenly saw you as a burden and just kicked you to the curb?

This is exactly why when I was breeding Saint Bernards, I actually took the time to get to know the people wanting to buy puppies from me. They had to answer a questionnaire before even coming to see the puppies. Where do they work? Where they live? If they have other pets? If they have kids? Who is their veterinarian or who will they use?

Why did I ask these questions, it's certainly not because I found these people all so fascinating. The reason is this; work schedule, can they dedicate time the puppy needs to learn and grow properly. Where they live, this will be up to a 200lb dog so it needs a house to grow in, not a small apartment. If there's other pets, well then it's more animals to care for already and adding a beast of a dog to the mix will add more strain to the wallet and the time the owner has for the other animals. If they have children, then they will have to be even more dedicated to a giant dog to be the natural gentle giant that it is. What vet they use, this shows the commitment to the dogs health. If they have no plans for a veterinarian, then they won't be getting a puppy from me. Also, if they have a current veterinarian, then I can speak with them as to the kind of care they provide for the animals they currently have. I also had a return policy for the puppies. No questions asked if they couldn't take care of the dog anymore I would take the dog back and I would foster the dog until I found it a suitable home, rather than the dog go to a shelter. I had a lot of people get upset with me because, I wouldn't sell them a puppy, but you know what that's just too damn bad. As a responsible breeder, it's my obligation and dedication to those puppies, to make sure that they are going to a proper home. A home where they're going to be properly cared for, appreciated and given the time & love that they deserve and need. However, it is still very sad that breeders must go to these extents, just to make sure that their puppies are going to proper homes. All because, people are selfish, all wanting to live in the moment right now and have what they want everyday. Then one day they realize that this little cute fluffy puppy, is now a 200 lb beast dog and that's not what they want anymore. Well here's a news flash for you, that 200lb Beast that only weighed 20lbs when you bought them; even though you're a heartless human, that dog still loves you unconditionally. I waited over four years to get another dog, after I lost my Bernards. This was because, I knew my life wasn't ready for a dog and for me to get one would be completely selfish on my behalf. This doesn't mean I didn't have a space in my heart that was void without a dog in my life though. Trust me there were alot of days, I wished more than anything, that I had my fur babies to help get me through alot of tough days.

When I got Buford I got him knowing that he's going to turn into a little tank and grow waaaaaaaayyyy too fast (hence the photo comparison at top of this article).

I did research on his The Ole English Bulldogge breed and I got him knowing that he may have health problems down the road, that will cost me alot of money and I got him pet insurance. I got him knowing that he is going to challenge me alot some day's, that his breed can be very stubborn. So I dedicated my time to train him and work with in at puppy school as well. The trade off was bringing out all of the caring, loving and loyal characteristics of his breed as well. This is how you formulate an unbreakable bond with a dog, not get frustrated and give the dog away.

I also got him knowing that what I will get in return from him, I'd never fully be able to repay, (but I'd try my hardest to) and that's his unconditional dedication, loyalty, appreciation and love towards me. This dog would never give up on me and he will love me unconditionally, until the day comes that he is called back to the special place in heaven for dogs. So therefore, I will never give up on him and I will try my hardest to return to him, what he gives me everyday without question. We only get to have these amazing animals in our lives for such a short period of time and they make such a huge positive impact on the rest of our lives. So don't take this precious time for granted, because even though that dog may have only been able to be here for a short part of your life. To that dog, you were it's whole life. This my friends is why us humans will never ever truly deserve dogs. So folks, appreciate what dogs give us everyday without even being asked of them and please don't ever take their unconditional love & loyalty for granted.

"A boy and his dog make a glorious pair.

No better friendship is found anywhere."

- Edgor Guest

"There are no words to describe the bond between a boy and his dog. For a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls " People Getting Rid Of Pandemic Puppies," total Bullsh@t!!!

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