My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On: House Of Commons Emergency Debate Called by The Green & NDP Party.

Updated: May 1

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

Elizabeth May of the Green Party and member's of the NDP called for an emergency debate earlier this week, (the evening of April 21, 2021), to discus invoking The Emergency Measures Act of 1988, to get Canada to "Zero" Wuhan Virus case count and "Zero" Wuhan Virus related deaths. What May actually did, was reveal her Parties true intentions. As an Environmentalist Party, what the Green Party wants, fits right into the stated goals of the great reset and the Green Party is using fear porn to further that agenda. They need the NDP to jump fully on board and then they could help pass anything tyrannical they want. Everything Green Party MP's Elizabeth May and Paul Manly mention, as to the Federal Government's new found abilities, if The Act was invoked, are already happening. A panel of medical advisors = Federal Minister of Health, Provincial Minister's & Chief Medical Officers. Constructing mobile hospitals = In Ontario Sonnybrook mobile hospital is already constructed and it always appears to be empty, when ever a report is done on the facility. Controled "hot spots" with red and green zones, with green zones open for business and red zones more controled with circuit breaker lockdowns = Exactly what they've been doing in each Province for over a year now. Color zones and lockdowns solve nothing, they just create a bankrupt economy and a mental health epidemic. Restrict Inter-provincial travel = Exactly what Ontario & Quebec are currently doing and it's causing huge problems for transportation of goods, not to mention congestion of people who live in one Province and work in another. Plus the cost involved in policing these Provincial boarders, is astronomical. So it sounds like, Elizabeth May basically wants the Federal Government to control all of the unconstitutional garbage that's been going on, rather than each individual Province throwing the rights of their constituents out the window. She compares the east coast, which has the smallest population in Canada to Ontario and Quebec, which have the highest populations in Canada; as to how great the east had done in keeping their case counts down. This of course is after she got called out on the obvious stupidity of comparing Canada to New Zealand and Australia, both of which are islands. As compared to Canada having the largest land border on the globe. She however, would not answer the question, as to why she wouldn't compare Canada to Europe, who has many land borders. Instead she compares Canada's lowest populated areas, to Canada's highest populated areas. Which basic math can explain why a space with a larger volume would contain more of something, as compared to a smaller area. A higher population will result in higher chances of contact, which is going to result in higher case counts. This is yet another reason why the Government Modeling System for case counts is unreliable. Elizabeth May did however, perhaps by accident, leak out her true intentions behind demanding this emergency HOC debate. This happened, when she stated, "There are many examples around the world. Some were able to go to zero COVID fast, because the public in those countries was used to being bossed around." (Sooo let's just say China.) What do we do with a society like Canada, that has a population that is used to having its liberties and is not good at being told where people can and cannot go? We should not be second-guessing Canadians' attitudes and saying we cannot tell people to stay home because they are sick of it. We have to be serious about locking down and going to zero." Ummm... no you tyrannical lunatic, that's called a free Democratic society. Which as an elected official you swore an oath to protect and to act under. May goes on to say, if we'd followed the advice of Journalist Andrew Nikiforuk, ("We need a more aggressive and proactive public health approach, with intensive testing...and better targeted, quicker and stricter lockdowns. We need to do what it takes to get to zeroto protect the greater public health;") then COVID could be over in Canada by now. May talks about tabling "expert's" together and then claims if we had followed the advice of a Journalist, who is not an "expert", then COVID could be over in Canada by now. As an Environmentalist Party, what Elizabeth May wants fits right into the stated goals of the great reset and she's clearly using fear porn to further that agenda. Basically what we see here is the Green Party trying have a part of the control, because as we all know, the Green Party basically has no control over anything in Canada. The Green Party needs the NDP to jump fully on board and then they could possibly have a chance to pass anything tyrannical they wish for. This whole debate, the NDP was having one foot in and one foot out, waiting to see if anyone else climbs aboard the Green Party slave train. You know just like the NDP always has and always will follow others into the bellows of Hell.

With NDP MP Don Davies playing with words, such as saying The Emergency Measures Act is not the War Measures Act; stating that they are two different documents. However, then he tells the truth that the War Measures Act, was actually just simply replaced by the Emergency Measures Act; with the addition of a section that covers National Emergencies. Davies goes on trying to sell his argument with how the Federal Government could give Premier's extra funding. He then makes the false claim as to no Province having the authority to limit inter-provincial travel and invoking The Act will give Province's that authority. If this is really the case, then how do you explain what's going on in Ontario and Quebec at the Provincial borders? Where the Police are restricting people's Inter-provincial travel. Is Davies wrong or have the Provincial Government's been acting illegally? The ending of Davies speech is comical, when he states, "the Federal Government needs to step in and use its full power and we will deal with litigation if that happens after." So, violate the constitution, throw people's rights and freedoms out the window and deal with whatever people who contest this, at a later date. Basically, you're planning to do the same thing that's already been happening as it pertains to Constitutional Freedoms and Human Rights violations. Also another BC NDP, claimed Ontarian's would welcome the help, that would come from invoking this Act. Says the person on the other side of the country, who should be more concerned about her own constituents, rather than a province she more than likely hasn't been to, in over a year.

It's amazing how the emergency measures Act was created in 1988 and since then we've had other similar National emergencies, such as SARS. Yet, no Government has used this document and now at a time when our economy is the absolute lowest it's been in decades, the NDP are supporting the Green Party, with her one foot in approach to, as Davies put it "temporarily do a hard shut down of the economy, if that's what it takes." I'm not sure where these MP's have been for the last year, but our economy has been shut down for over a year now. So anybody with common sense would know, shutting an economy down further could only cause more hurt to a country, not benefit it. However, they seem to be fixated on pushing this garbage more in Ontario due to our case counts and number of ICU patients. Well let's see highest populated province in the country, by sheer numbers is going to have more cases and is going to have more people in ICU beds. Where their argument would make more sense is if one of our smaller populated provinces, such as on the East coast, we're showing a higher percentage of cases and ICU beds, as compared to the higher populated Provinces.

We had the Liberals doing what they do best, talk circles, dodge responsibility and toss the blame back to when the Conservatives were in power and further blame each Province for their failures as a Government.

The Conservatives seemed pretty quiet for the most part, they seemed fixated on vaccine's. However, they did at least address the epidemic of suicides, drug overdoses and family violence.

Its Sad to say but, the only constructive conversation I saw was from The Bloc Québécois. When Bloc MP Yves Perron talked about the effects of not having migrant workers on our farms, is having on our food supply and if we don't have a food supply, the virus won't matter with a starving population. Bloc MP Mario Simard also talked about funding Canadian research for alternative medicine, rather than just funding Big Pharma for vaccine's. Bloc MP Andrénne LaRouche asked questions as to why Canada paid a premium of $8 a shot to Big Pharma, while other countries had paid $2 to $5 a shot.

This debate was so urgent to hold, that at one point there was a point of order called by Liberal Mark Garretson, because of a speaking Conservative member was not wearing a jacket.

Ohh my, he mustn't speak without a jacket on. How will anybody understand the information he's sharing? I understand parliamentary protocol, but when we're claiming there is an urgent matter that needs to be discussed at an "Emergency Debate," do you really think calling a point of order over a jacket is necessary? Elizabeth May, The Green Party and the NDP Party called for this "Emergency Meeting," to discuss invoking the Federal Emergency Measures Act, due to to recent discovery of new varrients in their area of British Columbia. The same varrients that are already present in Quebec and yet Quebec MP's not only never called for this meeting, but seem to not support invoking The Emergency Measures Act as well. However, when shown that over this last year, the Federal Government has pretty much already implemented everything that the Emergency Measures Act entails. Then asked what the Green Party and NDP hope to gain from actually invoking the act that the Federal Government hasn't already done, they don't answer the question. Rather than answering the question, they bring up issues from two hours prior to this question and they mention global warming.

I'd like to thank Liberal MP Mark Garretson for admitting that the Trudeau Government has basically used the Emergency Measures Act without actually invoking it through the House of Commons. Garretson showed Canadians this, by listing everything the Liberal Government has done thus far and comparing it to what powers & abilities the Emergency Measures Act would give the whole Federal Government. So this is the real reason Blackface won't invoke the Emergency Measures Act, his Government is basically already unofficially using The Act and invoking it would mean that the Liberals would have to share the power with the other parties. The Green Party & NDP members kept mentioning Australia and New Zealand as examples of a "Zero Covid." With MP Elizabeth May stating, "If we are bending and flattening the curve, we are allowing COVID to last among us longer. We will have more variants because we will have more mutations because that is what viruses do." However, in these places everytime a lockdown was lifted a virus came back and the same can be said of the UK. Here is a fresh idea, you want the Case Counts to go down, lower the cycles you're putting the PCR test through, to be below 25 cycles. As recommended by Kary Mullins, you know the man who created the PCR test, explained that the test is most reliable between 1-30 cycles and the lower the cycles the more accurate the test will be. As seen here:

Maybe even just stop using the PCR test all together, considering it's been shown to be completely unreliable and even your Health Minister at one point admitted to this fact. Lockdowns only destroy the mental & physical health of Canadians and have ruined our economy & democracy. The PCR test only feeds the narrative of case counts that are being used to force lockdowns and trample on the Rights and Freedoms of Canadians. Elizabeth May of the Green Party has no idea what she's doing and she has no critical thinking. She talks of the measures taken thus far, as just extending the Plandemic. Does she not realise that even if we get to "Zero", the minute we open up again, a virus will raise its ugly head again. What about trying something different? Such as a combination of safety measures and using properly approved, not emergency approved, medications that have been proven to work. If May wants to compare other countries to Canada, well many doctors in other countries are using medications that have been proven to work. Bloc MP Mario Simard brought attention to this as well. When he raised the question of Canadian Medical Research funding for alternative medicines, rather than simply relying on Big Pharma to provide Canadians The Jab.

Perhaps the only real truth spoken during this emergency debate, came from Conservative MP Nelly Shin, at time stamp: 4hr:18min and I applaud her for being so bold, to say exactly what so many Canadians are thinking and are wishing Parliament would take heed to. MP Shin says in her speech, "People are traumatized, exhausted and short on hope from this roller coaster ride. There is a rise in domestic violence and opioid overdose, and suicide attempts are spiking. Drastic lockdown measures have pulverized businesses and industries, and stir unrest as civil rights continue to be challenged. Families cannot gather for holidays. Faith communities, which offer solace and comfort, cannot gather. The pandemic lockdowns have created serious implications for culture, psychology and human excellence for the sake of saving lives. The collateral damage from severe lockdowns could have been lessened had the government been more pre-emptive along the way. Rather than working collaboratively with the opposition parties, it has been busy proroguing Parliament to shut down investigations into its WE scandal. While putting together an election budget that does not address the need for adequate health care funding support to the provinces, but gives a tremendous amount of spending with no viable plan for job creation and economic growth. These are things that give us hope. The member for Cariboo—Prince George introduced a three-digit national suicide prevention hotline, but the government has not moved on it despite the spike in suicide numbers. If there is anything this season is teaching us, it is to have better care for our fellow humans. With the exposure of injustices and vulnerabilities in our society, from gender-based violence like domestic violence, to racist hate crimes with the recent spike in anti-Asian hate crimes, to sexual misconduct in the military that we are looking into right now, we have an opportunity to drain the swamp. There is no time like now to get to the root of our culture and make things better. I hope accountability will lead the way, because without it, everything else is merely optics and lip service. Canadians deserve better. Our democratic institutions, which our veterans and fallen heroes have fought for, deserve better. I hope that we can focus more on legislating things that will give Canadians more hope, and that as politicians we will break the curse and the cycle of the long-standing history of “corrupt politician” and actually give thought to caring for the people. I did not struggle through my life to be here to do things for electoral reasons. I came here to serve the people of Canada and my constituents. That was the heart of many people who came here originally, but somehow politics has led them astray, in the wrong directions for different reasons, and I want to encourage the government and all colleagues across all aisles to let this moment be a turning point for Canada's Parliament, that in this moment of crisis when Canadians need us the most, we will do the right thing, even if it costs us a few inconveniences." MP Nelly Shin's entire speech can be found here: Further restrictions on Canadians, by officially invoking the Emergency Measures Act is not going to bring Canada any closer to this dream of "Zero." You want to reach "Zero" cases of the Wuhan Virus and "Zero" Wuhan Virus related deaths in Canada? Then stop doing the same garbage, it's not working and the Genie is out of the bottle. The definition of insanity, is to keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Well it's time to get off the hamster wheel and do something different. We can start by not wasting the time and money of Canadians on "Emergency Meetings," that only turn into blame pointing and blame dodging, with only a couple valid points & questions being raised. Points & questions that not one of you will continue a discussion about, while Canadians are watching. Then you can all begin to tell Canadians the truth about what is really going on in our country.

I know that's a big request to make of circle talkers, but more than ever, this is what Canadians needs from their elected officials. Remember folks the word FEAR broken down, just means False Evidence Appearing to be Real. So it's time for Canadians to stand up and demand the real evidence. The full 5hr Emergency Debate can be seen here: When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls "House Of Commons Emergency Debate Called by The Green & NDP Party," total Bullsh@t!!!

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