My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On: "Fords Attempt To Have Police Commit Treason Against Ontarian's."

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

Well Dougie it looks like your communist plan has backfired on you, as we all knew it eventually would. Not even John Tory or the Toronto Police Service are on board with you attempt to create the unconceivable, unmanageable and unconstitutional infringement on the rights of not just Ontarian's, but on the Canadian public at large. Not to mention the complete destruction of any trust that the public has left for it's Police Officer's. The lack of Police acceptance of the "New Authority" you've attempted to have enforced onto the people of Ontario, should really send you a strong message. That message is, people, including the police, are completely sick & tired of the garbage you put out, trying to sell it as conservative politics. People are tired of not being able to see their family, go to the park, go to the gym, get other non-covid health issues addressed, have a proper education for their kids, get a haircut or make an honest living. Especially when you do all of these things in abundance, get caught doing these things and you make excuses. You like many of your Cheesecake squad around you and in other provinces of this country, like to live by the "rule for thee, but not for me", mentality and people have had enough. The people of Ontario deserve the future you lied to them about, when you ran your campaign off of the slogan, "Ontario Is Open For Business." It would appear however, the only people Ontario is open for business for; would be the large corporations, tycoon investors, your cheesecake squad and yourself of course. People are sick & tired of seeing all the local business close around them, due to your Lockdowns. While you rake in millions of dollars with your investments and your Deco Label Company, that just coincidentally makes all the signs and placards, that you have deemed mandatory for this pandemic. We are all tired of seeing our rights & freedoms trampled on every day, by you and your gang. I call you a gang, because what you've done to Ontario is exactly what a gang will do to a neighborhood. They will take what they want and if people stand up they try to make an example out of them, so the rest of the neighborhood won't resist their tyranny. A gang leader uses other people to do their dirty work for them. The same way you have continued to use our men & women in blue to enforce your non- legislated Acts & guidelines. A gang will pillage an area for everything it is worth and force businesses to close if they don't comply, with what the gang wants out of them. You have a barbershop broken into and boarded up in the middle of the night, like thugs who have zero respect for anyone, except themselves. You have half of the Toronto Police Service show up to a BBQ restaurant, for the horses to take a dump inside the restaurant and have the owner arrested for refusing to go bankrupt. Now I know all of these things were ordered by Mayor's, authorized by Chief's (be it Police or Medical) and carried out by individuals acting on orders. However, you are the leader that the people of Ontario elected into a position of trust for our children's future. The buck is suppose to stop with you, when it comes to anything that is happening below you. Instead the buck doesn't stop with you, it stops with your Chief Medical Officer, who is not an elected official. You've made it quite clear on several occasions that, "any Premier who doesn't follow the advice of their Chief Medical Officer, is committing political suicide." It is this exact way of thinking, that Ontario is sick of. We are sick of you & every other Politician, handing full control of our rights, freedoms, economy and our children's future; over to non-elected tyrannical medical officials. The same medical officials whom are fully aware that the suicide rate and the drug overdose rate are skyrocketing in our country, caused directly from lockdowns, and yet they continue to advise you to keep forcing lockdowns. Now they advice you to direct our Police Officer's to commit treason against the Citizens in this Province. To which, thankfully we see the overwhelming non-compliance from Police departments across the province and like the letter you received from the London Police Department says, "you can't enforce your way out of a pandemic." Well the only next step would be that your Medical Officers advise you to forcefully imprison Ontarioian's and maybe what, put a bullet in few of their heads to make an example? So Doug, are going to comply with that advice as well, you know to avoid political suicide and all. This non-compliance Police response is the only glimmer of hope Ontarian's have had in over a year. You know things are pretty bad Dougie, when one Police Sergeant #1899 in Peel Region stands up #justsayno and he says no more, and this causes the majority of your Province to burst into tears; because they finally see a glimmer of hope. I say "Your Province", because this was your Province to do with as you saw fit, as long as it was to help the people of Ontario to flourish. However, this is no longer your Province, you've not only failed the people of Ontario, you've nearly completely destroyed the people of Ontario. It's time to do the right things Doug and that isn't showing us a new cheesecake recipe either. It's time to show some integrity, it shouldn't be too hard for you to understand what integrity is. If you need an example just look at the Peel Region Police Sergeant #1899 who stood with the people yesterday, rather than standing against the people. Stop allowing tyrannical Medical Official's to run our province. Stop bankrupting our economy and ruining small businesses. Be honest with the people of Ontario for once and tell us the truth, instead of simply reading the script they put in front of you. Stop destroying the future of our children in this province and stop causing division amongst the people of this province. You made a promise to the people of Ontario when you took office and a promise is the same thing as swearing an oath. So take the example of our Police that have chosen to #HonorYourOath and follow through with that promise you made of "ONTARIO IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS." If you can't #fordhonoryourpromise to the people of Ontario, then step aside and resign.


Not your friends, but the Yahoo's who pay your salary that just went up.

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls "Fords Attempt To Have Police Commit Treason Against Ontarian's," total Bullsh@t!!!

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