My Bulldog Calls Bullsh@t On: Covid Being Used to Delay Court Proceedings & Allow Criminals To Walk

Buford is my Olde English Bulldogge and he's got a very keen nose for Bullsh@t!!! Sooo this is his weekly rant on a matter he sniffed out as total bullsh@t!!!

The letter above from an Arizona Attorney really puts into context the truly unconstitutional state of affairs our Justice System has become, all in the name of the Covid Plandemic. The awful part of delays like this, besides possible innocent people sitting in jail for unacceptable lengths of time; is that some of the real violent criminals whom should be in prison, will be let free. Do to the courts neglect in acting properly. We already saw at the beginning of this so called "pandemic" the courts letting people out of jail to lower the population in prisons, to apparently help stop the spread of the Wuhan Virus. This made zero sense, let people out into our society who typically do not follow the laws of this country (not all of them however) and trust that they will follow your stupid guildline's. When the Government did this last year, a friend of mine had been forcefully held and assaulted by her ex boyfriend in his car. This happened while he drove down the 401 threatening her, that he was going to "take them both out", then her kids could grow up in the system like he did. He would drive his car in the breakdown lane towards cement barriers and veer away from them at the last minute. All the while he taunted her with death threats of crashing into the barriers, while mocked her crying and her begging him to not do this to her and her kids. She begged him to just let her go, that her kids need their mom and she wouldn't say anything if he just let her go. In return he mocked her, taunted her and assaulted her more. At one point he had pulled over to an off ramp and when she tried to get out of the car, he slammed her face into the dash board multiple times. At another point she got out of the car, when he stopped along an off ramp. He chased after her and he drug her back to the car by the hair on her head. The most awful part of this, was that not a single car driving by stopped to help or even call 911. This just really shows how disconnected we have become as a society. He continued to assault her physically & psychologically, while driving dangerously down the 401, until she agreed to give him enough money to get back to Quebec and get a hotel room. She contacted me for some advice as a friend and someone who has worked in our so called Justice System. It took me hours to convince her to go to the OPP and have him charged, because she has zero faith at all in our Justice System. So she did this, they changed him and put out a warrant for his arrest. ohhhh yeah this guy was also on parole in Quebec for previous violent & drug offenses; also he has a history of skipping bail and failing to appear for court. Then the OPP told her that unless he gets stopped in Ontario or is basically right infront of them, it could be a while before he's in custody and if he shows up at her place to call 911. Well this loser harassed and threatened her & her kids lives for weeks following this. He constantly was using internet phone numbers to call and text her. She gave all of this information to the OPP and they still didn't try to work with Quebec police to apprehend him. So after over a month of 24hr harrassment, she had enough. One day, in one of his daily threats, he said he was coming to her place. So she answered him and said; "bring it on, you ain't got the balls to show up here." Well he showed up and was met by the OPP, only because she showed the police a video he had sent her of him driving on the 401 an 1.5hrs from her house. So he was in jail awaiting court and he was even denied bail, due to the severity of the offenses and his history of skipping bail. She slept better knowing he wasn't able to get to her or her kids and she now had a little bit of faith in our Justice System restored. Then Covid-19 happens and this puke gets released due to covid and him apparently having a medical issue that puts him at a higher risk of catching the Wuhan Virus. I'm sure this loser was really concerned about getting sick and dying from a virus. When he traveled from Quebec to Ontario, during the beginning stages of a pandemic, to kidnap and assault his ex girlfriend. He has since still harassed her and he is yet to answer for these violent charges, nor has she been protected properly by our Justice System. They wonder why 90% of women don't report being assaulted and why there is so much domestic violence. It's absolutely sickening to me to have seen this woman so scared of the Justice System. See her go from finally feeling protected by our Justice System for once; then to just be let down, the worse that she ever has been let down, by the same system. People like this are the real victims of Covid-19 and it pisses me off that no one talks about this crap that is happening every day. His life being at risk from Covid was more important than her life being at a higher risk from him. At least that's the message our Justice System sends to victims such as this woman. Victims that suffer at the hands of their abusers and then at the hands of our Government. This logic makes zero sense, she was lucky to survive her attacks and he would have over a 95% chance of surviving the Wuhan Virus. They put prisoners in solitary confinement every day for their own safety, from the other prisoners. So there's no reason why they could not have done the same thing in this case. I know solitary confinement is deemed inhumane, however in certain cases it is required in a structured way to lower risk inside of a prison. The risk of letting him out of jail, doesn't outweigh the gains at all. As far as victim services they are a let down as well. They basically support the courts decisions and tell the victim to keep the no contact order updated. Alot of good a no contact order does for someone, when the other person doesn't care about the order. That order is toilet paper to a person like this and resulted in this woman having to change her phone number, just to have some peace from the constant mental bombardment of threatening phone calls and messages. A no contact order and changing a phone number however, doesn't ease the feeling of a person having to check around corners or look over their shoulder; in worry that their attacker could be near. All Covid has done for our Justice System; is turn a broken let down concept, into a complete deadbeat failed idea. When a person gets let down by a system over and over again, they just simply give up. That's the unfortunate reality for alot of people in our society today, all in the name of "Keeping Us All Safe," from a virus. Of course it should not be of any surprise, that our Government looks at cases such as this without any care. That's because, our Government is like the abuser in an abusive relationship. I've always said; the wrong Government in power, is like an abusive partner in a bad controling relationship and this is perfectly depicted in the writing below:

Abuse of power is no different rather it comes from a spouse, family, friends, police & medical authorities, the courts or the Government. No matter the source of the abuse, it is always unacceptable and you don't have to just accept it as part of your life. It's time to stand up to the abuse that we are all receiving everyday and stop accepting this garbage as part of our lives.

When I shared all of this with Buford, he gave me the look that he's giving all you in the picture for this weekly rant. This is the look he gives when he smells Bullsh@t. So my friends Buford calls "Covid Being Used to Delay Court Proceedings & Allow Criminals To Walk" total Bullsh@t!!!

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