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Morbidly Obese Woman Almost Kills Her Baby

Morbidly Obese Woman Almost Kills Her Baby

I will not be popular for my particular viewpoint on this video but I really do not care any longer about how I am perceived by judging this subject.

Morbid obesity is bad for people. It's not only bad for the fat person but it's terrible sometimes more so for their family members who have to endure their incapacity to walk, run or even be useful.

Our society is such that people's feelings matter more so than societies all around well-being and so we have massively obese individuals like Lizzo telling young girls to get out there and be as fat as possible because somehow that's going to get them a decent husband.

The average person does not want to be involved with an obese person as a life partner. And if you are a fat slob it is your responsibility to become the exact reverse as quickly as possible.

This video shows exactly what I'm talking about. This morbidly obese individual is supposedly the great aunt of this baby and was not smart enough to lock the wheels on the stroller when the stroller was pointing downhill into a four-lane highway.

When the stroller began rolling, this morbidly obese individual fell down twice and then could not get up. An innocent child almost died because an adult decided that gluttony was a better move than Fitness.

Morbidly obese people are morbidly obese because they are lazy gluttons. They eat garbage food and they do no exercise and then blame non-existent thyroid problems when they can't fit into a car.

If I was the mother of this child, that obese woman would not be near my child again until she lost 100 lb. By the way for those of you out there who want to say this is a joint issue, the reason she would have joint issues is because she's a fat pig and for very few other reasons. I do not have any sympathy for this fat pig and I have no compassion for her as my entire concern is that she almost killed an innocent baby because of gluttony.

If food and sedentary days are more important to you than the welfare of your family, then you are an evil and selfish individual. I guess the good news is, your obesity will kill you off well before your 60s and you can stop being a burden to the rest of us.


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