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Mississauga Will Be Independent - We Will Leave Peel Region

Campaign Guarantee Number 2: Mississauga Is Leaving Peel Region!

Mississauga holds all the cards in PEEL REGION. We have Lester B. Pearson International Airport, The Queen Elizabeth Way, Highways 401, 403, 407, 410, and 427. With the correct leadership, MY LEADERSHIP, Mississauga will be an economic Powerhouse. Brampton will do nothing in that time but drain Mississauga's resources.

Bramptonians saw fit to elect a very weak individual as their leader. Patrick Brown has no business being in any leadership roles at all and I will alleviate Mississauga and the citizens of Mississauga from the burden of dealing with a weak Man In charge of a city that will be bankrupt in no time.

Making Mississauga its own City and Region will save the city billions of dollars per year and make Mississaugans RICH like they deserve to be.

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