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I've watched many podcasts where women under 35 blame men because they are single. Usually the consensus is that they believe themselves to be very strong women and they state that men cannot handle strong women. A strong woman does not complain, bitch, moan, wine, make false accusations, and avoids getting drunk with a whole bunch of men that they don't know, avoids disagreeing with her man in public and knows exactly how to keep her man happy and how to keep his balls empty. Ladies who are not interested in heeding my advice are going to be alone for the rest of their lives.

You see ladies, you have come to the idea that destroying a man's inner peace in his own home somehow makes you strong. It doesn't; it makes you his adversary and his enemy. The reason that white men in North America are walking the fuck away from you and looking for wives in other countries is that you're overbearing and unpredictable. Behaviour is costly both financially and emotionally. As men, we are goal oriented and we simply do not have time for your bullshit. One day ladies, if you ever have the notion that you'd like to self improve, you can hire me to explain all of this to you. When you do, I will recommend you take a ton of notes and actually make the changes in your rotten disposition that you need to, in order to have a man in your life who would take a bullet for you.

I'm in my 50s now and I can tell you that I have zero interest in being involved in a serious relationship with a woman who's born in Canada because your expectations are through the roof and the truth is, very little of you have anything to offer except for pussy. I love pussy, don't get me wrong but at the same time I'm more seriously interested in companionship where I am a two-person team with my partner. Canadian and American women have no idea how to be non-adversarial with their men. I never used to be one to advocate for cheating, but most men out there are miserable because of the woman in their life and I highly recommend those guys just walk away from you and go bang whatever comes up because at least then they're going to have an hour of peace!



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