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Men Need To Stop SIMPING and Being PATHETIC on TikTok and In LIFE

Men have become pathetic. they don't know how to talk to women anymore, they don't know how to keep their relationships with women intact and yes I'm going to say it, they don't know how to keep their women in line.

Modern feminism has absolutely destroyed everything that was good about masculinity and femininity and social media just piled more bullshit on top of the feminist bullshit that the media subjected us to prior to the internet.

Women on TikTok actually do disgust me. They dance around like tramps on their videos lying to the public about the fact that they cannot get dates because they are too short, too tall, or too old. They of course neglect to mention any of their character flaws or neglect to mention how many relationships they have destroyed prior to behaving like a fool on TikTok.

However, this is not about women this video is about simple useless pathetic men. These men are jumping on TikTok and paying all kinds of compliments to women that they do not know and who have done nothing to deserve any particular type of attention from anybody. These men must think that if they pay a compliment to enough women on TikTok that they will end up with a girlfriend or a wife. that is not how it works.

Guys, these women just want attention to boost their own ego and they'll do it at the cost of all of the time that you spend on TikTok. There is going to be absolutely no reward for you simping out on TikTok all the time.

Let's start a brand new trend on TikTok. Let's call it the Kevin J Johnston FISH SLAP. Yes, I said FISH and not BITCH.

The Kevin J. Johnston FISH SLAP is simply men using their words to be funny yet in a strict enough tone to let these ladies know that we are not going to simp for them any longer.

Why does something bother me so much? Because it has proven that all of the negative propaganda against masculinity is working and men have become nothing more than a bunch of Sims doing what they are told and following women around wherever they go. They are achieving nothing they are not creating babies and they are not contributing to society in any way.

Watching women that you don't know dance around like fools on a social media platform is a complete and total waste of time and it's keeping men away from achieving what they do best, and that is run their talent or hobby to its maximum limit.

This of course is an opinion of mine that happens to be 100% correct and I know that Society will eventually figure out that what I am saying is correct but unfortunately probably not for another decade when really the damage has been done and it will take 10 decades to recover from all of these weak men proving to the world how weak that they are.



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