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MEN CAN'T HAVE BABIES No Matter How Many School Teachers Say So.

We are being told by mentally ill people all over the Western world that men can have babies. We all know that they can't but for some reason, almost nobody is standing up to that left-wing and crazy garbage.

We know that men do not menstruate and that they cannot menstruate even if they get their twig and berries removed and turned into a pocket, that pocket will never menstruate. Menstruation is a very specific biological function that could never be mimicked in a laboratory and certainly could not be mimicked by anybody who has an XY chromosome set. yet, Nobody is standing up to the crazy rhetoric being taught to our children about men menstruating.

It's so crazy that women according to the far left, are no longer to be called women they are to be called birthing people.


There is a very simple solution to all of this craziness and I know what the Cure is to all of society's foolishness, the problem is if I tell you what the solution is, not only will Instagram shut down my account but the psychos at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will be kicking in my door. That is what happens in Canada when you tell the truth, you get arrested you get your money stolen from you, you get your home searched, you get your personal effects stolen, you get your bank account shut down, you get evicted and whatever you have left they'll just take anyway.

Regardless of what any of you think, this gender garbage is a communist plan specifically to divide the populace and keep everybody angry all of the time. If you don't cave into the supposed pressure imposed by our governments, they will punish you for it.

Canada as a nation is lost. there are other countries around the world that do not tolerate this left-wing garbage and in fact, just lock them up the same way that they are locking Christians and conservatives up in Canada today. My advice is that if you have the means to leave this country, forget about Tim Hortons, comfy couches and the Toronto Maple Leafs just get the hell out of here!

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