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Matthew Perry Is Dead at 54 - Here Is What Really Killed Him*

After doing a short 10 minutes of research it turns out that Matthew Perry, one of the stars of the TV show Friends was a pro-vaccine and Pro pandemic rhetoric-spewing idiot.

Obviously, he got one of the vaccines that's no one to be lethal worldwide and he was recommending to his fans that they do the exact same thing that he did. I would be less critical if he had told all of his fans to do cocaine and that's not even a joke.

Without a serious trigger to the issue, 54-year-old men who are healthy do not just drown in their own hot tubs. That's something a toddler does. My theory is that the job that he got fried his brain or stopped his heart and then he drowns after slipping under the surface of the water in his hot tub. Of course, it's only a theory, it's not like the police are going to release any real information anyway, is it?

The bottom line is, that some Hollywood celebrity is dead, and the whole world seems to care. I know that I don't!

*Speculation Only

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