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Let's Have Some Fun With AntiFa and The Beta Males in The World

Here's the story:

I deadlifted 325 pounds in September and took a photo of it.


I deadlifted 425 pounds 2 weeks later and took a photo of it.


I stuck the photo on the Calgary Dating Facebook page I came across, but I made a boo boo, I stated I deadlifted 425 pounds but put the 325-pound lift photo up. WHOOOOOOPSIE!


Someone sent me a link to a Reddit page where some leftie Antifa Loser put the photo up and shot a couple of insults at me.

Here is the link to the REDDIT article:

Read the article, and then LOOK AT THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS. WOW there are a lot of very, very angry males out there who can't WAIT to criticize those who try to excel. The point is, IGNORE ALL OF THEM, or like I do, ENJOY THEM and THEIR INSULTS.

Knowing that in order to upset the LEFT, all I need to do is NOTHING aside from being my lovely self, I have chosen to post negative stuff about myself and see where it all goes. BELOW is what I wrote and put onto REDDIT, which is the epicenter of all things hate-filled online! It should all be a lot of fun.


Total Douche Bag Podcaster Kevin J. Johnston Deadlifts 500 Pounds at Age 52

I hate this guy. This is Kevin J. Johnston. He calls himself Canada's Number One Podcaster.

He's been Podcasting for 6 years now and always has something to say.

He says there are only 2 sexes.

He says the world is round.

He exposes liberals.

This guy is sleeping with women all over the province of Alberta.

Why does this douche workout so much? Why does a 52-year-old man want to deadlift 500 pounds?

I can't stand guys like this. Why do so many big-mouth guys like this workout so much and pick up women so much?

I know AntiFa tried to smash his head in back in Ottawa and this prick fought them and won. Why won't he quit?

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