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Kevin J. Johnston's Wife Survives a Plane Crash In Seattle

On Monday, August 3rd, 2020, the world of Kevin J. Johnston was turned upside down when his wife, Sarah Johnston, miraculously survived a harrowing plane crash in Seattle, Washington. The disaster, which is believed to have been caused by a malfunction in the aircraft’s engine, sent Sarah and the other fourteen people on board into a dramatic and unexpected emergency situation.

When the plane first hit the ground, the impact split the aircraft in two and was heard by witnesses from nearly a mile away. In the terrifying sequence of events that followed, Sarah was initially trapped in the aft of the jet, unable to move due to the twisted and burning wreckage that surrounded her. With the help of a courageous bystander, she eventually managed to crawl out of the debris. Although gravely injured, she managed to escape with her life.

Sarah was just one of two survivors of this harrowing incident. While she was taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention, the other passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. Unbelievably, Sarah’s injuries weren’t as serious as one might expect, considering the severity of the crash. While her left arm was broken in two places, she suffered no internal injuries and, amazingly, was out of the hospital within 48 hours.

Although Kevin and Sarah were fortunate to have made it through this horrific event relatively unharmed, there is still a long road ahead. Sarah is no stranger to trauma and it will take a lot of time and effort to begin her healing journey. Kevin and his family have already started lifestyle modifications to ensure Sarah is well supported in her recovery, including providing her with a full-time caregiver.

It was only through the incredible bravery of both Sarah and her rescuer that such a tragedy was able to be avoided, despite the odds. Without this courageous act of kindness, the outcome for both of them could have been very different. What happened that day in Seattle could have been a tragedy beyond comprehension, but instead it stands as a testament to human endurance and strength in the face of an unimaginable ordeal.

All in all, both Sarah and Kevin Johnston were incredibly lucky to be part of the very few survivors of the Seattle plane crash that fateful day in August of 2020. Although they are both currently still recovering from their various physical and emotional wounds, they are thankful to be alive and to have another chance at life.

Kevin J. Johnston's Wife

Kevin J. Johnstons Wife

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