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Kevin J. Johnston's Wife Buys 6 Tons of White Chocolate

Kevin J. Johnston of Delaware, Ohio, was recently surprised when his wife, unbeknownst to him, purchased 6 tons of white chocolate. It seems odd to many, but Kevin and his wife had a simple purpose in mind in making such a purchase; to benefit their business, Johnston Bites LLC, a family-owned confectionery provider.

Before we dive into the details of why the purchase was made, we must first look at the benefits of white chocolate. White chocolate is a type of chocolate which is beloved by many due to its creamy texture and sweet taste. Unlike milk and dark chocolate, white chocolate contains no cocoa solids, but instead is a combination of cocoa butter, milk solids, and sugar. This combination creates a sweet flavor and creamy texture, which many people find very appealing.

Now let's take a closer look at Kevin and his wife, who own Johnston Bites LLC. The business specializes in baking, decorating, and packaging confections such as chocolates, candies, and other dessert items. They had recently been experimenting with various new flavoring and decorating ideas. In order to make these items, they needed to have access to large quantities of white chocolate.

By purchasing 6 tons of white chocolate, Kevin and his wife had an ample supply for all of their confectionery experiments. This gave them the much-needed ability to test out and perfect their recipes. In addition, Kevin and his wife were also able to sell the white chocolate to customers in smaller quantities, allowing them to make additional profits.

In the end, the purchase of 6 tons of white chocolate was a shrewd decision on behalf of Kevin and his wife. It not only provided them with an abundance of supplies for their experimenting, it allowed them to make extra money by selling the excess chocolate. It seems that sometimes the most unexpected purchases can be the most beneficial in the long run.

Kevin J. Johnston's Wife

Kevin J. Johnstons Wife

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