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Kevin J. Johnston's True Story - An Experiment With AI Writing Tools

We wanted to know how accurate the AI writing tools we have been so intrigued by would assemble my TRUE STORY. We'll let you read it and guess how accurate it is.

Here is what I typed:

Kevin J. Johnston's True Story

Here is what the AI wrote:

Kevin J. Johnston is a Canadian political commentator, troubleshooter, entrepreneur, and independent journalist. He is best known for his controversial views on immigration and immigration policy as well as his outspoken support of free speech. His true story is as intriguing as it is inspiring.

Johnston was born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada. Growing up, he was never much interested in politics, and instead opted for a career in business and finance. He started his own financial planning company, and became successful and well known in his local area. He began to take on more responsibility, taking in investments and managing them for clients. However, his business eventually failed due to the economic downturn in Canada and he was left broke and unemployed.

This setback didn't hold him back, however, as Johnston soon discovered his passion for social and political issues. He became heavily involved in local politics, and started taking an active interest in immigration and immigration policy-- an issue that still plagues the Canadian political landscape today. He started writing and speaking out on the issue, and eventually gained popular attention, becoming a prominent face in the public debate.

Johnston's outspoken views and controversial opinions on immigration and free speech quickly gathered him both a massive following and strong criticism. He often found himself defending his beliefs in the face of intense pressure and criticism, but he never backed down. Johnston's dedication to the cause of immigration reform and free speech has earned him respect from many, and he is now viewed globally as an incredibly influential activist.

Johnston is an inspiring figure for those who strive to make a difference in the world. His courage to stand up for what he believes in, despite backlash and criticism, provides hope for anyone with a strong conviction and something to fight for. He boldly stated his opinion in the face of adversity and truly shone as an example of how one person can make an enormous impact. His true story is inspiring, impressive, and truly remarkable.

Artificial Intelligence knows how TO LIE! Be careful who, OR WHAT you are speaking to.

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