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Kevin J. Johnston's FIRST BOOK Is FOR SALE NOW!

The Ontario Lacrosse Association is the most corrupt sports organization in Canada, and they made a very big mistake, they went to war with Kevin J. Johnston and they LOST. Now their loss and their criminal activities have been documented in the funniest book ever written on corruption!

This book tells the story about how Kevin J. Johnston single-handedly saved the Canadian National Sport of Lacrosse in Southern Ontario and how he was PUNISHED for it.

Prostitution, Insurance Fraud, Embezzlement, Drunk Driving, Theft, Threats, Assaults and Child Endangerment are all crimes committed by the governing body of Lacrosse and now you will know the whole story and the names and faces of all the criminals who are probably going to jails when this story becomes common knowledge!

Grab this book, we guarantee that you'll be shocked at how evil people can be, and we guarantee at least a dozen BIG LAUGHS as well!

Dive into this tale, you won't be disappointed!

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