Kevin J. Johnston Now OWNS Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Mississauga City Council along with all the councils in Ontario have locked down their cities to comply with Communist China's desire to destroy our economy. They are all traitors.

They are also COWARDS. I am now openly mocking them by taking ownership of their likenesses to market MY MATERIALS, because why not? What are these spineless cretins going to do? SUE ME? Send me a lawyer's letter?

CRY???? Yeah, they'll cry.

Since I own all of their faces, I now grant you full license to use their faces to market any product or service that you wish.

Below is the letter I sent them on JANUARY 5th, 2021. I have included the text and the images.


Happy New Year To You All,

This letter serves as a notice to all members of the council of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga, with the exception of the individual acting as Mayor, “Brain-Dead” Bonnie Crombie. She will be contacted separately by the appropriate legal representative whom I appoint.

You all know who I am, but in case you forgot, I am Calgary Mayor-Elect, Kevin J. Johnston, and also the real winner of the 2018 Mississauga Mayor Election.

You have all participated in, and continue to participate in crimes against humanity with your on-going lock-down of Mississauga and Peel Region that was based on the illegal implementation of the Emergency Measures Act.

This letter will be followed by numerous warnings, notifications, demands and legal claims all of which will be served to you at your residences BY ME, unless you indicate to me in writing at the email address that you will accept service of legal documents via email or fax.

Since all of you have decided to play along with Doug Ford (who obviously is playing along with someone higher in the political ranking than he) and sent tens of thousands of Southern Ontarians into near or full bankruptcy, and since you also are responsible for thousands of children NOT being educated and since you have instructed By-Law officers to threaten and harass children and women, I have decided that your images must and will be used to better mankind as opposed to harming it.

There is NO PANDEMIC and you know it. All hospitals in Ontario ARE EMPTY and you know it. By-Laws only pertain to employees of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga, NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC and you know it. Masks do NOTHING to help anyone, and you know it.

As of today (January 5, 2021) at 12:00PM, I officially OWN YOUR PUBLIC AND FACIAL IMAGES and I will use your images to fight the propaganda that you force on the public daily.

Your facial likenesses whether photographic or illustrated are the property of Kevin J. Johnston and are for sale at fair-market value to be determined during private negotiations either inside or outside of a courtroom.

Best wishes,

Kevin J. Johnston

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie

Mississauga City Council Ward 1 - Stephen Dasko

Mississauga City Council Ward 2 - Karen Ras

Mississauga City Council Ward 3 - Chris Fonseca

Mississauga City Council Ward 4 - John Kovac

Mississauga City Council Ward 5 - Carolyn Parrish

Mississauga City Council Ward 6 - Ron Starr

Mississauga City Council Ward 7 - Dipika Damerla

Mississauga City Council Ward 8 - Matt Mahoney

Mississauga City Council Ward 9 - Pat Saito

Mississauga City Council Ward 11 - George Carlson


The letter was sent to:

TO: Mississauga City Council

Mississauga Civic Centre

300 City Centre Drive

Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

Ward 1 – Councillor Stephen Dasko


Phone: 905-896-5100

Ward 2 – Councillor Karen Ras


Phone: 905-896-5200

Ward 3 – Councillor Chris Fonseca


Phone: 905-896-5300

Ward 4 – Councillor John Kovac


Phone: 905-896-5400

Ward 5 – Councillor Carolyn Parrish


Phone: 905-896-5500

Ward 6 – Councillor Ron Starr


Phone: 905-896-5600

Ward 7 – Councillor Dipika Damerla

Phone: 905-896-5700

Ward 8 – Councillor Matt Mahoney

Phone: 905-896-5800

Ward 9 – Councillor Pat Saito

Phone: 905-896-5900

Ward 10 – Councillor Sue McFadden

Phone: 905-896-5010

Ward 11 – Councillor George Carlson

Phone: 905-896-5011

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