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Kevin J. Johnston Eats a Live Cobra in Downtown Edmonton

We decided to put Artificial to The Test with this CRAZY suggestion!

Here is what I typed:

Kevin J. Johnston Ate a Live Cobra in Edmonton

Here is what the AI wrote:

Kevin J. Johnston, the Canadian and American commentator, television presenter, and internet personality, recently achieved an impressive feat - he ate a live Cobra in Edmonton. The moment was filmed and shared on social media by Johnston himself. The act has been met with a mix of shock and admiration from fans, leaving some to wonder why such a daring and bizarre feat was attempted in the first place? What was the purpose behind this seemingly brave and dangerous move?

The event happened during his visit to the Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society's "Exotics Day" in Edmonton, Alberta. The event was held to inform others about various topics related to owning and caring for exotic and interesting animals. At the event, Johnston was presented with a live six-foot long Cobra, native to Southeast Asia. Johnston, knowing what he was getting himself into and eager to demonstrate the dignity and respect that exotic animals should be treated with, cautiously took the live reptile in his bare hands and then proceeded to eat it. Initially, Johnston breaks down the Cobra into smaller pieces using a pocket knife and begins to take bites of the snake.

From a moral standpoint, some would be opposed to the consumption of any wild animal, and Johnston has been met with some public backlash for such an act. However, Johnston himself believes that everyone who acquires a wild animal from such events should consume it, as a form of respect for the animal since it sacrificed its life for the happiness of others. By consuming the animal, Johnston can be seen as a role model for those with the ownership of exotic animals, as he is showing how to both respect and appreciate them.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the shock value, Johnston's stunt has made headlines and been shared online by various social media influencers. The video of Johnston eating the Cobra has now been seen by millions, bringing attention to not just the bravery of the act, but also the responsibility of exotic animal owners. It is with this attention, that we can learn to appreciate both the wild and exotic animals of the world while also respecting their life proudly as Kevin J. Johnston did in Edmonton.

Artificial Intelligence knows how TO LIE! Be careful who, OR WHAT you are speaking to.

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