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Kevin J. Johnston Canadian University Speaking Tour Dates

Kevin J. Johnston Canadian University Speaking Tour*

"How Leftism Destroys Countries"

September 5 7:00PM University of British Columbia (Vancouver)

September 7 7:00PM University of Alberta (Edmonton)

September 8 7:00PM University of Calgary

September 9 7:00PM University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

September 11 7:00PM University of Winnipeg

September 12 7:00PM Western University (London, Ontario)

September 14 7:30PM University of Toronto (Mississauga)

September 15 8:15PM University of Toronto (Downtown Toronto)

September 21 7:00PM McGill University (Montreal)

September 22 8:30PM Dalhousie University (Halifax)

*This is SATIRE - this is designed ONLY to upset the radical leftists around the world who continue to fall for EVERYTHING! There is NO Speaking Tour. I would not speak at ANY of these institutions if invited. SPREAD THE WORD!

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