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Kevin J Johnston And All of Canada Have The Right To Criticize The Government REMOVED FOREVER

To all of my detractors out there who think it's a really good thing that I lost my ability to criticize the government, that established case law, and that very same case law is now going to be used to prevent any of you from speaking out against the government as well. Everybody's rights disappeared with that judgment and I must appeal this thing or else all Canadians will lose their right to criticize the government forever.

If you think that the right to criticize the government is not important to you, then go ahead and continue insulting me and do nothing to help. If you do want the right to freedom of speech to exist and the right to criticize the government to continue to exist then you need to help me out. Please go to my website and donate something. It's going to be about $100,000 to fight this thing properly.

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