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Jeromy Farkas Sued for $100 MILLION For Election Interference And Stealing Election Signs.

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I think it is safe to say that Calgary politics are as dirty as can be. Jeromy Farkas is NOT IMMUNE from this type of behaviour and so, after 2500 Mayor election signs belonging to Kevin J. Johnston were stolen by the City of Calgary with his full knowledge, Jeromy Farkas has been sued for

$100 Million for TORT. Abuse of power is against the law and nobody is immune from lititgation.

Jeromy Farkas has yet to defend this lawsuit, nor even make a public denial of his illegal activities.

Download the lawsuit below

By Court Order, the document has been removed - DONATE TODAY so that we can fight these illegal and unlawful court orders in Canada.

Imagine, a LAWSUIT is a public document with ABSOLUTE PRIVILEGE and yet, we the people who pay their salaries are NOT PROTECTED by that privilege.

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