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Is This LGBTQ Behaviour In Public In Front of Children OK? YOU DECIDE!


As somebody who has been falsely accused by the LGBTQ community of being a homophobe oh, I have decided to take a different approach. I am showing you a video that I shot in Downtown Montreal right out in the open public immediately after more than a dozen gay men chose to hit on me deliberately in front of my family in order to get some type of reaction.

My reaction will always be to smile and say no thank you or to indicate that I prefer women. I am not going to get my back up and I'm certainly not going to get angry nor would I ever make a production out of it.

After giving up looking for a cafe to get myself a cup of coffee, I came across this taking place outside of a shop. I truly do not remember what type of shop it was I just remember talking with a few of the folks in the area and they said that this took place every day All Summer Long.

What you will see in the video takes place indirect public View on the sidewalk.

The two men pretending to be puppy dogs wearing excessively revealing clothing were enticing people to take photographs with them. I will refrain from making comments on their behavior, instead, I'll ask you what your opinion is. Please put your opinion on this type of activity in clear public view in the comments below.

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