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Recently even in the Trudeau paid Mainstream Media, there has been alot of discussion on how demonic our Government has been towards churches and pastors in Canada. Most of Canada is outraged with the over reach of this Government in general and this has further been highlighted with they Criminal and Human Rights Violations being made by Police, against the churches in Canada. There also seems to be a double standard, or at least in Jason Kenney's Alberta, when it comes to religious services. As can be seen in this link:

A mosque in Calgary being allowed to run at full capacity, when meanwhile not far away in Edmonton. Grace Life Church has been taken over by the RCMP and fortified to prevent anyone form evening the private property, to which the Government has no legal ownership of. Police officers are claiming that they are only following orders from the Government, when they do such illegal & immoral acts. However, this excuse didn't hold up too well during the Nuremberg Trials and it most certainly won't hold up today either. At the end of the day, each Police Officer has a Legal and moral obligation, as well as a sworn oath to uphold the constitution of Canada and the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. These officers also are duty bound to not obey any unlawful orders that they deem to be in violation of the constitution, the charter and/or the law. They are not to follow an order that they believe may lead to any harm of a member of the public, be it physical, mental, or any other harm.

On Tuesday April 13, 2021 I was able to sit down for an interview with Andrew DeBartolo, who is a Teaching Elder at Encounter Church in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Encounter Church is a small place of worship with approximately 45 members and growing. During these rediculous Government Regulated Pandemic Shutdowns, churches have always been under attack from the Government. The Staff and congregation at Encounter Church had decided approximately a year ago, that they must continue to provide a place of unrestricted worship for its members and for the public to reach to them for support. Recently Encounter Church had joined the Liberty Coalition Of Canada's group of churches that would run regular Easter weekend services. I was blessed to had been able to attend the Good Friday service at Encounter Church. There was no disruption from authorizes, like we had seen in other parts of the country. However, we were prepared to question authorities and educate them in regards to the Criminal Code of Canada Section 176, United Nations Article 18 and Section 2 of The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, all as they pertain to the protection of religion and that of religious gatherings. As can be seen in these information below:

I very much enjoyed this Good Friday service and I am very grateful to have been a part of it. This service was such a change as to what the apparent "No Normal" of our society has become. Encounter Church does not restrict their members from attending the church, they do don't demand of them to wear a mask and they do not make make them stay away from one another. Instead rather, they leave those options up to each individual member of the church, to decide what they feel is best for them. To me, this is what normal is. Being afraid of coming close to your fellow human isn't normal, wearing a mask out of fear of persecution isn't normal and restricting where you go for your own personal essential matters, is most definitely not normal. None of these things are anything near what we want our children to inherit from us. Therefore what Encounter Church is doing, is not only God's work, but it is also building a propper world for our children to grow up in. A world where they can decide what is essential to them and move freely among fellow human beings, without fear of anyone or anything around them. The Bible say, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me."

This scripture is what we owe to our children's future. These are evil times we live in, we need to be courageous and not fear the shadows around us. However, "courage is not the absence of fear, but rather it's the understanding, that there is something more important than ones fear." The inheritance that we will leave for our children, is what's more important than any fear that may come infront of us. Encounter Church and any other church defying the Tyranny of this Government, are being the "Good Shepard's" and guarding the flock, as we travel through the valley.

Listen and download the full interview with Andrew at my links below:



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