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Hollywood is on strike. I don't give a shit. One of those little whiny bitches makes more scratching their ass on camera for 30 seconds then I do in a year. On top of that, they want me to pay ridiculously high ticket prices to watch the left wing crap that every studio is putting out.

Believe me, we need to legalize pirating Hollywood films because none of them are worth anything more than 50 cents to watch and I find myself smiling, knowing that theaters all over North America are losing money and possibly will not be around for much longer. If theaters follow their current trend of playing crap all the time and charging exorbitant fees for it, the only choice they're going to have is to close their doors as theaters and then proceed to turn their buildings into Condominiums. Not saying that I want more immigrants living in shitty Condominiums, but I am telling you that Hollywood Productions are so terrible that this is the root that makes the most sense.

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