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Hazel McCallion is Dead And Was Not A Great Person - Here Are Some Reasons Why by Kevin J. Johnston, the Real Mayor of Mississauga.

The former mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion has finally died at age 101. The running joke was that she was going to be alive when Mississauga became an independent city a hundred years from now.

Far too many people praise her as the greatest mayor in the history of man. I of course have a different opinion seeing that I grew up in the same city that she was the mayor of.

Mississauga had very recently become a city when a series of small towns merged into one unit. The city had thousands of acres of land to sell to Developers and that is exactly how Mississauga made all of its money. However, she decided to step down when Mississauga had no more land to sell to anyone and the tax base was no longer going to be able to be increased.

The alcoholic known as Hazel McCallion then proceeded to tell the people of Mississauga that it was a good idea to vote for Bonnie Crombie for mayor in her place. Bonnie Crombie is a criminal who got rich because her husband or now ex-husband was also a criminal. He's wanted by the American government for many Securities frauds. Bonnie Crombie is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a terror organization responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people mostly Muslims.

Hazel McCallion hated the poor and she made that very clear in public appearances all of the time. She wasn't really a fan of the middle class either. If you weren't able to line her pockets, you were beneath her. it's funny how the entire public knew that she was a hardcore alcoholic and everybody would let that go because they thought that she was doing a great job. She did an adequate job only because she became the mayor at exactly the right time for her particular style to work well. If she were to take over Mississauga today she would fail miserably and be a one-term mayor.

I will not miss this person and anybody with a brain in their head knows exactly what I'm talking about and will miss her even less than I do.

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