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George Takei Sulu From Star Trek Has Missed A Golden Opportunity - Kevin J Johnston

I had to make commentary on Star Trek's George Takei who played Sulu throughout the entire series and who continues to have public battles with William Shatner over who got to be the imaginary captain of an imaginary Starship in an imaginary Universe on a television show that later became a movie series. Somehow, it really matters to George Takei that William Shatner had a bigger ego than his and that we should all know just how much he does not like Captain Kirk.

I find myself caring less and less about the squabbles of people in Hollywood who are millionaires that live in 10000 square foot mansions. my concern is just how an extremely far left individual he really is. I have been following his Twitter account for some time and I make a lot of comments on his page some of which he mistakenly believes are in his favour and he likes.

What we know is he can't stand anything to do with Republicans or Donald Trump which is fine, he doesn't have to like anyone but he's also made it clear that he does not like the nuclear family, he's not a fan of straight males definitely not a fan of white Christians and not a fan of anything that is outside of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

He's missing out on a golden opportunity and the video on this page will explain exactly what that is.

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