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G999, The Craziest And Worst Sales Pitch Ever!

Does it sound good? Does it sound REALLY, REALLY GOOD? Perhaps too good to be true?

G999 is a Crypto Company that has a bizarre sales pitch that you wont' belive.

I have listened to the sales pitch of this company. They went ahead and told everybody that their cryptocurrency which does not even rank in the top 5000, is somehow backed by gold. A pretty brazen claim. Well, the claims get crazier.

This company has stated that they have had conversations with 172 National directors or Ministers of Finance in 172 countries, and these countries will all be using G999 as their new official currency.

Remember at the beginning when I asked you if it sounds too good to be true?

This really is way too good to be true! Finance ministers don't give private meetings to start up companies but they do give meetings and personal attention to those who have billions of dollars we're willing to put up in a cash in their pockets.

I doubt very much that G999 team members are billionaires, but I am sure they want to be.

I have two friends who have lost over $60,000 between them in this scam. When you try to remove your coins they always tell you that you missed the last withdraw time and you'll have to wait another 12 months to get your cash back. You want my advice? Stay away from these guys.

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