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Founder of the Conservative Party of Canada Endorses Kevin J. Johnston for Mayor of Calgary!

Rob Anders Released This Document On October 1, 2021.

Download The Original File Created by Rob Anders Below

Call To Action Calgary Freedom Fighters
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Call to Action Calgary Freedom Fighters:

Vote in the Oct 18 Municipal Election like your life depends on it because we’ve just been shown it literally does!

In 2020 and 2021 Calgary city council took away our rights and freedoms. We threatened to vote them out and now is our opportunity to put our words into action!

They ignored us because they thought we were only a few… but we’re TENS OF THOUSANDS

and growing! They have grossly underestimated our strength and perseverance.

1. VOTE FOR known Freedom Fighters who have been in the trenches for 2+ years:

Kevin J. Johnston - Mayor

Shane Roberts - Ward 4

Dawid Pawlowski - Ward 11

2. VOTE FOR supporters of freedom:

Benjamin Shepherd - Ward 7

Derek Reimer - Ward 9

Carla Evers - Ward 10

Stephan Dabbagh - Ward 14

3. DO NOT VOTE for an incumbent. They’ve betrayed us:

Jyoti Gondek - running for mayor

Jeff Davison - running for Mayor

Jeromy Farkas - running for mayor

Joe Magliocca - Ward 2

Sean Chu - Ward 4

Gian-Carlo Carra - Ward 9

Diane Colley-Urquhart - Ward 13

Peter Demong - Ward 14

4. DO NOT VOTE for the following whose platforms expose allegiance to communism,

globalism, virtue signaling, masks, fluoride poison, false accusations of racism etc.:

Ward 1

Larry Tweedale

Ward 2

Francis Aranha

Sareen Singh

Ward 3

Hamayun Akbar

Jun Lin

Jasmine Mian

Gurbir S. Nijjar

Kumar Sharma

Ward 4

Daniel James (DJ) Kelly

Angela McIntyre

Ward 5

Anand James Chetty

Raj Dhaliwal

Stan Sandhu

Ward 6

Lana Bentley

Richard Pootmans

Ward 7

Heather McRae

Derek Williams

Terry Wong

Erin Waite

Ward 8

Heather McRae

Monique Auffrey

Ward 9

Daymond Khan

Abdirizak Hadi

Ward 10

Tony Dinh

Abed Harb

Leslyn Joseph

Mushtaq Kayani

Ward 11

Kourtney Branagan

Geoffrey Vanderburg

Ward 12

Evan Spencer

Michael Streilein

Ward 13

Jay Unsworth

5. CHECK the candidates in your riding at Read their “word salad” and

demand documentation on where they stand regarding our most pressing issue: the removal

of our rights and freedoms and the economic, mental, and physical devastation perpetrated

on us by our elected officials.

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