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Escape From Communist Canada Part 2 - with Kevin J Johnston

9PM Toronto Time - Thursday, November 16

Canada is a Marxist and communist hell hole where nobody can make any money and everybody who has a dissenting opinion about the liberal party and the government itself goes to prison just like in the Soviet Gulag days.

There's absolutely no reason whatsoever for decent people born in this country to stick around and try to exist and or coexist with all of the criminals and filthy trash being brought into this country from around the world.

Let's also not forget that every politician in this country are themselves filthy trash which is why all of you are broke through no fault of your own.

Tonight I have special guest Mark Savoy with me talking about how to get your money out of Canada and where to start a brand new life away from all this communist nonsense designed to keep you depressed and keep you broke.

The show you need to watch is at 7PM #Calgary Time / 9PM #Toronto Time on Thursday, November 16

The show is LIVE ON:

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