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ER Doctor Mark Trozzi "We're Being Deceived and Manipulated" Speaks Out About The Plandemic!!!

Doctor Mark Trozzi is a medical doctor; he graduated in 1990 from The University of Western Ontario. He has been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past twenty-five years; and he's been on call in multiple emergency units since the onset of the so-called "pandemic", including one ER designated specifically for COVID-19. Dr. Trozzi is an Advanced Trauma Life Support professor with the College of Surgeons of America, and he holds teaching positions at Sunnybrook Health Sciences in the Advanced Life Support Department, as well as with both Queen's University and The University of Ottawa. What follows is Dr. Trozzi's observations and opinions; he is bound by his personal and religious convictions to speak openly and honestly. He does not have authority to tell you "the truth", but he will share his honest experiences, perceptions, and digests of hundreds of hours of research on the subject of covid-19. Attached below is the link to Dr. Trozzi's published medical article, explaining his experiences during this Plandemic and how things just don't add up to what that public is being sold in the mainstream media and Government outlet's. Please read and keep yourself informed, as the mainstream media will not help you in that matter.

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