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easyfinancial SERVED a LAWSUIT For Breaking COVID-19 Law! Kevin J. Johnston Serves Them!

Easy financial is a company that specializes in giving loans to people with bad credit hour people who are looking to expand the small business.

KevinJJohnston show was to give them a try after they sent him an Email stating that he was pre-approved for a $45,000 loan. The expansion of Freedom Report is the most important thing in his life and so he booked an appointment to discuss the loan that was promised.

When Kevin J. Johnston entered the building to sign the loan paperwork, he was thrown out for not wearing a mask which was completely outside of the emergency state of the province at the time and well outside of the mask by-law issued by the city of Mississauga which does not pertain to businesses nor does it pertained to people aside from those who work for the city.

When human rights are trampled upon, you must litigate.



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