Wanna Sue DOUG FORD? Here is The LAWSUIT TEMPLATE - Just Fill It Out And SERVE HIM!

You all wanted to know how to fill out the lawsuit against DOUG FORD? Well, here is the template that I promised you all.


Download PDF • 20.17MB

THE FILE BELOW IS BLANK (Aside From the FACTS For The Case) Fill In What is RED in the GUIDELINE.

Download PDF • 19.37MB


Download both files. 7A-DOUG-FORD-LAWSUIT-TEMPLATE.pdf has everything you need to fill out in RED. Use is as a guideline.

7A-DOUG-FORD-LAWSUIT-TEMPLATE-EMPTY.pdf is the file that you fill everything into.

Pages 2A-1 to 2A-21 is the information that you need to show that DOUG FORD has shut down your business under FALSE PRETENCES.

On Page 2 you introduce who you are, what business you are in and the details of how the business was closed, restricted or has shut down and how much money you have lost (UP TO $35,000 in SMALL CLAIMS).

Keep your story short with NO EMOTION, just put in the facts.

Page 3 (which is the 24th page in the PDF file) is where you draw your CONCLUSION on what Doug Ford has done to you and your business and put in the amount of money you are asking for.

Below is MY LAWSUIT with my CONCLUSION and the amount I am demanding.

Download PDF • 22.59MB

I want to get a PDF of your lawsuit when it is filled out and I will archive it here. Let's FIGHT this fight! It is WORTH IT!

Kevin J. Johnston

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