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April fools is canceled this year folks, because no prank could ever compare to how Doug Ford runs Ontario and his latest Provincial wide Lockdown. No amount of cheesecake, will be able to help Ontarioian's cope with this man's actions as the Premier of our once flourishing Province.

While many Ontarioian's spent their last day before a lockdown scrambling to gather necessities for their home, I visited my local Barber Shop and my Gym for one last time, before a month of another completely unnecessary and illegal Lockdown. I visited these places, because to me these places are essential. However, to Doug Ford places that promote Health & Wellness, as well as places that promote personal care; are not a necessity. Most people would argue this, as it is a well-known scientific fact that anything we can do as human beings to better ourselves based on our exterior appearance, has a great boost for how we feel about ourselves inside. It is a scientific fact, that when we exercise our body releases chemicals into our bloodstream and these chemicals help fight off things such as depression and other physical ailments. There's also the proven mental freshness a person feels after cleaning themselves up in such ways as a fresh haircut, pedicure or manicure. This can be compared to working in the hot sun all day and being covered in sweat & dirt. Then being able to come home, having a nice warm shower and when you step out of the shower you feel new & refreshed. Being a person who struggles with public service related PTSD, I've been fighting as it is to get a referral from my Family Doctor for simple social counseling. Besides the stress caused from this Government Regulated Plandemic, why has my PTSD been harder for me to manage over this last year? For starters, my gym constantly being opened and closed. Then while I'm at the gym, the constant mask on / mask off rules, that are ever changing. Physical exercise has been a main way for me to cope with my PTSD and when that is taken away from me, there is only so much walking around this city I can do. Boxing clubs have been closed as well, yet another avenue I use to cope with my PTSD and that's been taken away to. Now I know a lot of people will say, I can just work out at home and ohhh ya..."We're All in This Together". Well let's see, in my small bachelor apartment, there's only so much working out at home I can do. Most of all however, nothing I do at home can replace the feeling of being able to escape the stuff in my mind. Compared to me being able to go to a gym or Boxing Club and completely exert myself. Compile lack of exercise, with people not being able to simply get their haircut or their feet taken care of and you have a perfect recipe for suicide rates to go through the roof. Which is exactly what Lockdowns have caused to happen, with the most alarming part being Lockdowns causing suicide rates to skyrocket amongst our youth. It completely baffles my mind how Walmart and Costco have not, for one day during all these lockdowns, had to close their doors. During a lockdown instead the Government reduces numbers of people allowed in these stores at one time. The government does the same thing for the Gyms and Personal Care Shops when we are in regular Plandemic times. They even go a step further with gym members having to book gym times and only being allowed at the gym for a maximum 90 minutes. Then there's the matter of cleanliness of the Gym or Personal Care Shops, compared to a large retail store such as Costco or Walmart. Gym's & Personal Care Shops are constantly being cleaned, even without a Government Regulated Plandemic in effect. At the Gym, members have to clean off each piece of equipment after they're done using them, this is always been Gym etiquette and the rules. For Personal Care Shop to be in compliance with regular Health Department Regulations for hygiene, individual workstations have to be cleaned in between clients, regardless of a Government Regulated Plandemic. The only difference with this lockdown and any other lockdown that Mr. Cheesecake has thrusted upon Ontarioian's, is now he's been gracious enough to allow, what he deems "non-essential businesses", to stay open at a 25% capacity. However, essential places are allowed to have a 50% capacity. So let's put this into context, a big store whose capacity is 1000 people, can have 500 people in the store at a time. A small little business downtown, whose capacity is 20 people, can only have five people in their store a time. Using basic math, it's not hard to calculate way more people are coming into contact with each other at a large retail store, than they are at a small business. However, yet again small businesses are hit with harder restrictions, than the big businesses are. You small business owners should be grateful though, that our marvelous Premier didn't lock you down totally or at least that's the feeling small business owners get from the Cheesecake King. So if everywhere else can be open with reduced numbers and supposed "Covid Safe Practices", then why can't the Gyms and Personal Care Shops be open? The answer shouldn't really surprise any of you, but I know there will be some that flat out still disagree. The truth is Doug Ford, and the rest of our corrupt Government, don't really care about your health and wellbeing. At the end of the day all they really care about is the big fat raise they just gave themselves and having complete control over the tax payers, to which they govern. Well folks, don't forget these people are only in Government positions, because you the taxpayer voted them into those positions. Therefore, you the voting taxpayer can just say NO to these tyrants. Our Government has handed over the responsibility of our society, including our economy, to Medical Health Officer's whom were never elected into positions of Government. Doug Ford confirmed this to be true in press release videos, that you can be found in this link provided:

However folks, this is the same man who after putting us under the last Lockdown, attended a 100th birthday celebration for retired Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion; which he completed with a custom-made hockey jersey. As seen here:

He's also the same person who has a share in a printing company that prints all the government mandated labels and placards for Covid-19. Apparently though the Premier of a Province benefiting from continued Lockdowns and a Plandemic, isn't a conflict of interest at all.

So Mr. Elected Premier, Gyms and Personal Care Shops are essential to me and millions of other Ontarioian's. So I'm assuming if you don't see people's mental well-being and personal care maintenance as essential, then this means you don't see any of us as essential either. Well Dougie here's a news flash for you, that our bought and paid for Liberal Mainstream Media won't tell you. WE ARE ALL ESSENTIAL!!!

What ever Trudeau has hanging over your head, Doug.... Please just come out with it already. The Taxpaying Voters will have a lot more respect for your honesty, than they have for your current role in the corrupt Government Regulated Plandemic and continued devastating Lockdowns. Until the day that you can speak openly and honestly, on behalf of all Ontarioian's, please stop calling me your friend.

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