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Does Kevin J Johnston Raise Venture Capital For Peoples Projects in Costa Rica ?

I do get a large number of requests about raising investment capital for people in Costa Rica. people also wish for me to raise investment capital for them to build projects in Mexico and El Salvador.



I am not in the banking game and I am unable to and I'm also unwilling to raise investment capital for a project that is not my own or that I am not tied to in some way.

As I say in the video I do not want to sit through presentations when I know in advance that I am not even going to put a single moment of effort into understanding it and then funding it.

My expertise is relocation from north America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe to Costa Rica for those who are looking for a new start and looking to protect their wealth from their respective governments.

As harsh as this may sound, I will direct everybody to this video who asks if I raise capital. If however, you have capital that you would like to invest, I have nine projects as of today that require investment capital all of which would be highly profitable.

My meeting and my contact details are below.

Monday Nights at 9PM EST I hold PRIVATE Zoom Calls with Limited Spaces - You can ask me questions directly.

Book Your Spot Here:

On Wednesday Nights you can ask questions FREE on THE REAL ESTATE SHOW, 9PM LIVE on

To contact Kevin or Mark, please use

Thank you very much!

Kevin J. Johnston

Costa Rica Relocation Expert

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