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From time to time my email box will fill up from people who cannot refrain from using the f word every second sentence making demands that I apologize to Hamas supporters, for calling them out as Hamas supporters.

These Pro Palestine protests taking place in the western world are not going to achieve anything for Palestine or for the region in question but they are affecting the entire Western World negatively and they have to stop.

The people who are protesting in favor of Palestine are destroying the economies of the western worlds and the flow of goods in and out of the western world even though the Western world has nothing to do with that particular region, which was named Palestine over 3,300 Years Ago by the Romans. The Romans renamed the Jewish occupied lands as Palestine specifically to piss off the Jews, which means this region has been fought over for three Millenia and the fighting is never going to stop even 50 Millennia from now.

If you truly do support Palestine, go to the Gaza Strip and fight for it. Don't waste my time and everyone else's time shutting down Canadian streets and American streets and of course all the streets in Europe to help spread Islam in areas of the world that it does not belong.

This Palestine bullshit and it is bullshit, is merely an interference in my life and the lives of everybody else who have to endure the screaming and the shouting, the property damage and the assaults on the innocent on a daily basis.

Why am I the only one telling the truth about this?

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