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Calgary Man Grooms a 17-Year-Old Journalist and Also Sued For Stalking

DANNY MARTIN The Hungry Trucker

Truck driver and professional eating contest winner, Danny Martin is guilty of grooming a 17-year-old journalist for sex acts. Cody Kuntz at the time was 17 years of age when Danny Martin took a liking to him.

Danny Martin is well known to police across Alberta because of his previous behavior of stalking women. He runs a number of blogs called Hungry trucker where he makes meals that are highly calorie-laden and then proceeds to eat up to 8,000 calories worth of food per meal.

He has been diagnosed with numerous illnesses based on his obesity yet he continues the lifestyle of eating copious amounts of food on his Telegram page.

He worked closely with journalist Logan Murphy for a year before he met 17-year-old Cody Kuntz and then abandoned all work with Logan Murphy to sexually harass the young boy for months.

Eventually, Cody contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police about Danny's sexual harassment to which nothing was done by the police department. Cody Kuntz had to leave the City of Calgary and drive 3 hours north to move into a small apartment in Edmonton Alberta to escape Danny Martin. To this day Cody Kuntz keeps his residential address secret.

Danny Martin has recently become highly unpopular in the province of Alberta after his perverse lifestyle had been made public and also his propensity to lie about decent Canadians who work hard to protect the rights and freedoms of their fellow Canadians.

He runs more than 20 Facebook pages of various names so that he can “LIKE” his own defamatory comments about people he is highly envious of.

As for the lawsuit filed against him by a Vancouver woman for stalking, Danny Martin stated publicly that he was NEVER sued - well, he is going to trial on this issue in JUNE 2023!


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DANNY MARTIN Response to Civil Claim
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Danny Martin - Hungry Trucker - Twitter: HUNGRYTRUCKER10 - Danny Martin

Lawsuit Against Danny Martin!

Text from a 2015 Blog Entry. He has been harassing women for a very long time.

Dann Martin AKA Hungry Trucker AKA Danny Martin AKA Douglas Cronk AKA Doug Cronk AKA Cronk Enterprises.

Please share this with as many people as possible! Dann Martin AKA “Hungry Trucker” needs to be stopped!

I ask all of you to be extremely cautious. There was a GoFundMe page for Nathan’s family earlier. It was a scam and the person who started it has been reported to the RCMP. Dann Martin is well known to the RCMP for doing this type of thing. He even tried to say a reporter Chris Harbord was associated with the GoFundMe page. He was never associated with it. The name associated with the GoFundMe was Dann Martin and he also goes by Danny Martin and Douglas Cronk and Doug Cronk and Hungry Trucker. Please if you want to send his family money, mail it to his reserve unit. They will ensure his family gets it.

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